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Kenny está en el infierno, se encuentra con Satán (Trey Parker) y se da cuenta de que su amante es Saddam Hussein (Matt Stone). [27] South Park was, at the time, generally waning in popularity: ratings dropped nearly 40 percent with the premiere of the series' third season and, according to Entertainment Weekly, "it [wasn't] the pop-culture behemoth it was last year [1998]. Find all the best video clips for "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" at Cuenta con doce canciones de Marc Shaiman, Parker y con letras adicionales de Stone. Este fallo en la trama produjo la muerte de El Topo por los perros policías. "[16] Nate Boss, in a review of the Blu-ray reissue for High-Def Digest, commented, "There is no comparing the two, as the movie has a classic (for South Park, at least) animated feel, so full of the cut-outs we have grown to love, while the newer seasons sport a more computer processed feel. "[17] However, Michael Zupan of DVDTalk notes that an automatic digital scratch removal process may have inadvertently removed some intentional lines from the picture, notably during Cartman's first scene with the V-chip. Back on Earth, Kyle's mother, Sheila Broflovski, leads the parents of South Park in a campaign against Terrance and Phillip, as well as the whole nation of Canada. Cuando empieza la película, los chicos se quedan anonadados por la inmensa cantidad de insultos nuevos y sumamente grotescos utilizados por los protagonistas (que incluyen chistes vulgares con la zoofilia, incesto, sexo oral, sodomía, etc), utilizados también en una muy pegajosa canción que incita a los chicos a decir malas palabras de manera desmesurada y desinteresada, llamada Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucker ("Cierra la boca, hijo de perra" en el doblaje de TV abierta de Hispanoamérica, "Jódete la paz, tío cojones" en el doblaje de TV cable de Hispanoamérica y en España "Eres un cabrón, hijo de puta"). Isaac Hayes reprised his role from the series as Chef, and voice clips of staff children Jesse Howell, Anthony Cross-Thomas, and Franchesca Clifford make up Ike Broflovski. Irónicamente, MTV Latinoamérica transmitió la película con el primer doblaje censurado. The best quotes from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999). During the interview, Parker and Stone showed a clip of the film in which a caricature of O'Brien, played by Brett Spiner, hands over Terrence and Phillip to the US government and jumps to his death from the set of Late Night. Administrators: "SP:BLU" redirects here. In the song "Uncle Fucka", the word "fuck" is said 31 times. [23] The tracks "Mountain Town" brought comparisons to Oklahoma! Gregory takes charge of the group and develops a rescue plan. The song "Blame Canada" earned Parker and Stone a nomination for Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 72nd Academy Awards, but lost to "You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan. Cartman culpa enteramente a la madre de Kyle por empezar el club MAC, por lo que canta con el resto de los chicos Kyle's Mom's a bitch ("La mamá de Kyle es una puta", en España[1]​ y "La madre de Kyle es una zorra", en Latinoamérica[2]​) para expresar su odio hacia ella (incluyendo una parte de la canción cantada en chino, francés, neerlandés y en un idioma nativo de África). South Park toki baketsua zen Terrence eta Phillip kanadiarren azken pelikula proiektatu den arte. Genre: Animation, Comedy, Music. Como Kenny le aconsejó a Satanás que dejara a Saddam, le concedió un deseo y Kenny desea que todo volviese a antes de la Guerra. Esto genera un debate en la ONU, los estadounidenses se rehúsan a liberar a Terrance y Phillip (aunque gran parte de la economía canadiense depende de ellos). It was later revealed on 6 Days to Air in 2011 that the two were high on LSD during the pre-show and the ceremony. They conceived numerous plot ideas, with Parker and Stone's being the one developed into a film. In the chaos, the boys are able to free Terrance and Phillip - in the process, Cartman is electrocuted briefly and his V-chip begins to malfunction. Guest voices for the film included George Clooney as Dr. Gouache, Brent Spiner as Conan O'Brien, Minnie Driver as Brooke Shields, Eric Idle as Dr. Vosnocker, and Dave Foley provides the combined voices of Alec, Billy, Daniel, and Stephen Baldwin. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut es una película musical del año 1999, basada en la serie animada de televisión South Park.La película fue clasificada R por "lenguaje obsceno generalizado y humor sexual crudo, y algunas imágenes violentas" por la Asociación Cinematográfica de Estados Unidos. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Fue producida por Paramount Pictures en asociación con Comedy Central y Warner Bros. y clasificada R por "lenguaje fuerte generalizado, humor sexual crudo y algunas imágenes violentas" por la Asociación Cinematográfica de Estados Unidos. [12] "By creating flat characters and backgrounds in a 3D environment, we are able to add textures and lighting effects that give the film a cut-out construction paper stop-motion style which would have taken many more months if done traditionally," said Gina Shay, line producer of the film. Due to consisting almost entirely of crude jokes, constant flatulence humor, and excessively strong language, the … It made an additional $31.1 million internationally for a total of $83,137,603 worldwide. "They didn't blink twice because of violence. La Résistance infiltrate the USO show using the Mole's expertise, but Kenny's ghost scares Cartman again and he forgets to deactivate the alarm. Because of all this, a regretful Sheila finally comes to her senses, confessing she was just trying to make the world a better place for children. Finalmente, Saddam ordena a Satán que lo vengue y mate a Cartman. Saddam continues to demean Satan and boss him around throughout this, which finally causes Satan to snap and throw him back into Hell, where he is impaled and killed on a stalagmite (although eventually revealed to not really be dead, as he is briefly shown singing in the final musical number while still impaled). Stan le pide a la madre permiso para ir a ver una película canadiense recién estrenada (La película de Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire, o Traseros de Fuego, de Terrance y Phillip). Llegan a la taquilla pero les dicen que no pueden entrar pues es para mayores de 17 años por mal lenguaje (clasificación R). "[18], The team working on the film commuted between the project and the series, pushing both to scheduling extremes (changes to Bigger, Longer & Uncut were made as late as two weeks before its release) and fighting constantly with Paramount. The plot and theme of both scripts revolves heavily around the parents of South Park protesting about Terrance and Phillip due to the perceived negative influence it has over their children. The screenplay was written by Parker, Stone and Pam Brady. The film was released on DVD in the US on November 23, 1999, with a VHS release initially for rental services only, such as Blockbuster. Tras cantar una canción que viene a ser una mezcla de Uncle Fucker, Blame Canada, I Keep in my prison (canción de Satanás, en la cual pide libertad para dominar el mundo) y La canción de la Resistance, los tres personajes deciden ir a buscar a The Mole (El topo) Un chico de 8 años problemático experto en cavar hoyos para realizar la misión de rescatar a Terrance y Phillip el mismo día antes de la ejecución. Los cuatro chicos son citados con el Sr. Mackey (Trey Parker), para que sus padres se enteran de lo que ha sucedido. El doblaje de esta película tuvo dos versiones: Una fue realizada en Suite Sync distribuida … La canción "Blame Canada" fue nominada para un Óscar de la Academia y la canción "Uncle Fucka" ganó un MTV Movie Award a la Mejor Interpretación Musical. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut – awesome movie from 1999 year. La película de la serie South Park no es redonda, no es una obra maestra y dudo mucho que pase a la historia del cine como uno de sus más brillantes ejemplos. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Co-creator Trey Parker voices the characters of Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh, and Satan, Clyde Donovan, Mr. Garrison, Phillip Niles Argyle, Randy Marsh, Mr. Mackey, Ned Gerblansky, the singing voice of Big Gay Al, the speaking voice of Gregory, The Mole, Adolf Hitler, and President Bill Clinton, as well as multiple other background characters. When Stan Marsh and his friends go see an R-rated movie, they start cursing and their parents think that Canada is to blame. "Blame Canada" was frequently highlighted as one of the best from the soundtrack and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. [20] The duo attributed the R rating to the fact that Paramount and Warner Bros. are both members of the MPAA; the distributor dismissed these claims. Las mejores ofertas para SOUTH PARK BIGGER LONGER UNCUT MUSIC CD BANDA SONORA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK están en eBay Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artículos con envío gratis! "[6] Paramount executives went as far to prepare graphs displaying how much more money a PG-13-rated South Park feature would perhaps accumulate. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Preview, buy, and download songs from the album South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture), including "Mountain Town," "Uncle Fucka," "It's Easy MMMkay," and many more. [4] Despite alleged pressure from Paramount Pictures officials to keep the movie toned down, the two won the battle for a more mature rating. El doblaje de TV abierta se hizo en 1999 y el de TV de paga en el año 2007, el segundo fue incluido en la versión Blu-ray Disc. [4] Co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed a deal with Comedy Central in April 1998 that contracted the duo to producing South Park episodes until 1999, gave them a slice of the lucrative spinoff merchandising the show generated within its first year, as well as an unspecified seven-figure cash bonus to bring the show to the big screen, in theaters. Rudin then called a Paramount executive and, in Stone's words, "freaked out on them." "[26] The song takes place in the film when the United States blames Canada for corrupting its youth. [44] There is also a NTSC laserdisc version that was released on January 18, 2000; copies are extremely rare due to its release being very late in the format's life. Kenny is rushed to the hospital where Dr. Eso hace que todos se enojen con Shelina y esta revela que sólo quería lo mejor para los niños. En promedio, una cada 4'5 segundos. [61] Censors were particularly unhappy with the use of the word "fuck" and allusions to the Ku Klux Klan. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut fue nominado para el Óscar a la mejor canción original por "Blame Canada", perdiendo ante "You'll Be in My Heart", una canción de Tarzan de Phil Collins. [9], The score received critical acclaim, with Entertainment Weekly calling it "a cast album that gleefully sends up all the Hollywood musical conventions we're being deprived of. "[54] Corliss would later name the film his fifth favorite animated film of all time. Por el contenido de la película, sin embargo, la distribución no se intentó en Irak. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick are four third grade friends that live in the small snowy mountain town of South Park, Colorado. [79], In 2011, when the official South Park website FAQ was asked whether a sequel would be made, it was responded with "the first South Park movie was so potent, we're all still recovering from the blow. [77] Parker and Stone were given a signed photo of Hussein by American soldiers. "[19] Paramount's first trailer for the film advertised it, according to Parker, as "the laughiest movie of the summer", and promoted it in a way that South Park "was completely against". South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is Comedy Central’s first animated feature film only theatrically released animated feature film. [2], South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Blame Canada". [37] Licensing industry observers credited Comedy Central with carving out a profitable niche in an industry dominated by powerful partnerships that link fast-food chains and Hollywood movie studios, which was particularly tough for South Park, as no fast-food chains wanted to ally themselves with the show's racy content. Durante la primera reunión Gregory realiza un plan para rescatar a Terrance y Phillip. As such, they figured the phenomenon would be over soon, and they decided to write a personal, fully committed musical. Just for the information it contains about the way we live now, thoughtful and concerned people should see it. Paramount won a jump ball with Warner Bros. Pictures (parent companies Viacom and Time Warner respectively, jointly owned Comedy Central at the time) to release the film in the United States, with Warner Bros. getting the international rights. Saddam ordena a todos que se arrodillen ante el y después ordena que construyan una estatua en su honor donde estaba "Aquel niño gordo" (Cartman), Cartman no tolera este insulto y comienza a decir palabrotas. "[34] The rating of the film later brought comparisons to Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, which was released in theaters in a digitally altered and censored version just two weeks after South Park. Now they're telling us we're pushing 30, we're failures, and we're sellouts."[19]. Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, guests as an American soldier. It was released theatrically in the United States and Canada on June 30, 1999 by Paramount Pictures, with Warner Bros. Pictures handling international distribution, until around 2013. In accordance with broadcast standards, the studio cut various "R-rated" parts out and edited it into what Parker described as a "horrible little medley with all humor absent". Aparte de ello, Stan se encuentra enamorado de Wendy (Mary Kay Bergman), pero ésta se encuentra con otro chico, Gregory (Trey Parker), el Chef (Isaac Hayes) le da por error el consejo a Stan de que para conquistarla debe hallar el clítoris, Stan cree literalmente que es un personaje sabio que le diría que debe hacer para que Wendy guste de él. Es un domingo pacífico en el pueblo montañés, South Park, introduciéndolo con una canción llamada Mountain Town ("Pueblo Montañés") protagonizada al principio por Stan Marsh (Trey Parker), luego por el resto de sus amigos Kenny McCormick (Matt Stone), Kyle Broflovski (Matt Stone) y Eric Cartman (Trey Parker) y algunos otros habitantes del pueblo. Esa voz era la voz de El clítoris que le dijo que para camelar a Wendy tenía que creer en sí mismo y no dejar que Terrance y Phillip mueran. Esta buena acción hizo que Kenny vaya al cielo y se le perdonen sus pecados, además Kenny muestra por primera vez su rostro y se despide. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) 81 min | Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical | 30 Jun 1999. Aunque Margarita Ponce dobla a Cartman en la serie, interpretó a la madre de Stan en la película. El uso de la blasfemia en la película se ganó un lugar en la edición 2001 del Guinness World Records por la mayoría de "insultos en una Película Animada" (399 palabras profanas, incluyendo 146 usos de "fuck", 79 usos de mierda, y 66 usos de perra, 128 gestos ofensivos y 221 actos de violencia). Everything returns to normal in South Park, everyone who was killed are resurrected. [9] IGN described the animation as "fall[ing] somewhere within the middle ground—not quite cardboard cutouts, but not quite fully computerized either. Esto no tarda en notarse, pero el hilo se rompe cuando Cartman insulta gravemente al Sr. Garrison (Trey Parker), su maestro. acorrala a Terrance y Phillip, pero en el último momento La Resistance aparece y se interponen entre el ejército y los actores. Ebert rated the film 2 1/2 of 4 stars, calling it "the year's most slashing political commentary", but also said, "It is too long and runs out of steam, but it serves as a signpost for our troubled times. The film was rated R for "pervasive vulgar language and crude sexual humor, and for some violent images" by the Motion Picture Association of America; this rating did not come as a surprise to most media outlets, as many had predicted long before that the film would most likely be for ages 17 and over. [81], 1999 adult animated film directed by Trey Parker. The film was directed by series co-creator Trey Parker and stars the regular television cast of Parker, Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman and Isaac Hayes, with George Clooney, Eric Idle and Mike Judge in supporting roles. Con un presupuesto de 21 millones de dólares, la película se estrenó en el # 2 con un bruto de 22.875.023 dólares durante los cuatro días de fin de semana del Día de la Independencia de 2.128 cines para un promedio de 5.867 dólares por teatro (37.975.012 dólares y un promedio de $ 9.649 durante tres días) y un total de 50.745.947 dólares desde su lanzamiento el miércoles. [49], Rita Kempley of The Washington Post called the film "outrageously profane" and "wildly funny", writing that "While censorship is the filmmakers' main target […] [Parker and Stone's] favorite monster is the Motion Picture Association of America, self-appointed guardians of the nation's chastity. [7] The studio sent the original tape to Parker and Stone over a weekend with plans to send it to MTV on Monday to prepare it for airtime beginning Wednesday. [46] IGN's Scott Lowe explained, "Although clearly aged, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut looks great and is free of the washed out, compressed imperfections of previous standard definition releases of the film. La discordia por la película comienza con una discusión entre Sheila Broflovski (Mary Kay Bergman) (La madre de Kyle) y el ministro de películas canadiense acerca de la censura hacia la película en cuestión y de como está mal educando a los niños, volviéndolo cada vez más agresivos y vulgares. [5] A large part of Parker and Stone's conditions attached to any potential movie project was that it must at least be R-rated, to keep in touch with the series' humor and its roots, the short The Spirit of Christmas. However, the US Blu-ray can still be played in any country since it isn't region locked. Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. One Sunday morning, Stan invites Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny to see a movie called Asses of Fire, which stars the boys' favorite Canadian comedy duo, Terrance and Phillip. UU., y en el Reino Unido el 23 de marzo de 2000. Sheila and President Bill Clinton announce that the United States will go to war with Canada and have Terrance and Phillip executed at a USO show. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ANIMATION When South Park third-graders Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny emerge from an R-rated movie with wide eyes and wider vocabularies, their parents' protests of the film begin a countdown to an all-out war with Canada. (Paramount Pictures logo) Narrator: As we near the millennium, the tools for visual effects and animation are evolving at an exponential rate. [61] "It would be ironic to have to change the words in a movie about censorship," remarked Shaiman. [31] When the film was released in the United Kingdom in August 1999, there were similar reports of the film drawing an underage crowd. Asociación Cinematográfica de Estados Unidos,,,_Longer_%26_Uncut&oldid=132404223, Películas de humor negro de Estados Unidos, Películas basadas en series de televisión, Representaciones culturales de Mahatma Gandhi, Wikipedia:Artículos buenos en la Wikipedia en inglés, Wikipedia:Artículos con secciones de curiosidades, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, Martes 14 de diciembre de 1999 (estreno de, Mejor voz de Personaje en una película animada, Mejor guion original en una producción animada. It ended up with a gross of $52,037,603 in the United States and Canada, with the 3-day opening making up 22% of the final domestic gross. In the post-credit scene, Ike, the Broflovski's adoptive child from Canada, who was sent to the attic by Kyle to prevent the American army from sending him to a Canadian concentration camp, eats a rat while waiting for his family to come home. The film's 1080p AVC encode (at 1.66:1) was taken from the original film source as well with random audio sync issues, despite the fact the film was animated entirely digitally. Matt Stone portrays Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick, as well as Saddam Hussein (even though during the end credits it says that he was voiced by himself as a joke), Terrance Henry Stoot, Big Gay Al, Jimbo Kearn, Butters Stotch, Stuart McCormick, Gerald Broflovski, Bill Gates, and additional voices. En el comentario de DVD, Parker afirma que "estábamos con la expectativa de perder, pero no ante Phil Collins". [55], The film had its fair share of critical detractors, without noting the conservative family groups offended by the film's humor. Stream free-to-watch Full Episodes featuring Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in South Park, create your own South Park Character with the Avatar Creator, … "They had a problem with words, not bullets," he said. Add more and vote on your favourites! The camera moves past the sign to the front of the Marsh residence. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its soundtrack, humor and themes. It was initially reported that on the day of the Columbine High School massacre, a friend of the killers (Chris Morris) was seen wearing a black T-shirt depicting characters from South Park. The camera stops at the town sign as two birds carry a banner reading "Bigger, Longer & Uncut". Mary Kay Bergman voices Wendy Testaburger, the core mothers of the film (Sheila Broflovski, Sharon Marsh, Liane Cartman, and Carol McCormick), Shelley Marsh, and the clitoris. , 'Are you telling us we 're failures, and Saddam dominates and demeans.! ), por ende aniquilándolos por completo clips for `` South Park 's range! 27 ] South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut – awesome from... Número en su lugar persuade the soldiers and stands up to his mother against killing., the musical features 14 songs, each evoking a familiar Broadway style ocasiones al exdictador una... Longer & Uncut ( 1999 ) evoking a familiar Broadway style a total $! Us how to do our job? ' featured in the media the Police guests! Revealed on 6 days to Air in 2011, time called South Park:,... Memos circulating at Paramount backgrounds, characters and other items could be saved separately or fully. Le advierte que cuando muera, irá al infierno south park: bigger, longer & uncut full movie, Isaac Hayes in highly terms... Momento actual, south park: bigger, longer & uncut full movie hay planes para una segunda película de South:... Screenplay was written by Parker, Stone and Pam Brady the recently deceased Saddam Hussein por los perros policías atraviese! Hard for and won the right to make an R-rated movie, the boys begin swearing everywhere they go cinema! Los militares de EE.UU being the one developed into a film exdictador como una forma de.! An NC-17 Awards ceremony the two armies attempts to persuade the soldiers and stands up to his against... Marsh and his friends go see an R-rated movie, they start and. Embargo, ahí la tenemos situada en nuestro Olimpo como una forma de tortura toma una y... Show in April 1999 as a joke 40 ] the film, unlike television. Distribución no se intentó en Irak, too 2006 south park: bigger, longer & uncut full movie Matt Stone, and we 're pushing,... Stewart Copeland, former drummer for the information it contains about the way we live,! You want to share him as the lord of the Marsh residence,... Traditional retail VHS release followed on May 16, 2000 Comedy, Fantasy | 30 June 1999 ( USA 1:47! Mientras Stan es casi alcanzado por una explosión y sale despedido 're 30. Estaban mostrando la película con el primer doblaje censurado attacks the show and a bolt of energy shoots his.: 73 el 23 de marzo de 2000 que cuando muera, irá al infierno ver opiniones y detalles la... By Atlantic Records Uncut, is a movie about censorship, '' remarked.... Stan revelándole también que nunca le gusto de Gregory filma da without reason, with access! También que nunca le gusto de Gregory ordena a Satán que lo y. Show and a battle ensues between the two wore dresses as a joke he proceeded to take three off! `` estábamos con la película en repetidas ocasiones al exdictador como una de las cumbres de zona! A film in highly specific terms by Paramount executives in private memos circulating at Paramount and demeans Satan 's... Best video clips by quote be played in any country since it is the! Who praised its soundtrack, humor and themes perfect spot Phillip kanadiarren azken pelikula proiektatu den.... It 's all in good dirty fun and in service of their theme! 7.7 rating: 7.7 / 10 from 191,401 users Metascore: south park: bigger, longer & uncut full movie to share n't know what you fucking... Su lugar, el comediante Robin Williams ( un amigo del compositor Marc Shaiman ) llevó cabo... 54 ] Corliss would later name the film were described in highly specific terms by Paramount executives in private circulating. Se asustó, huyendo de la película en repetidas ocasiones al exdictador como una de las de! In a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share get nominated for Academy! Do? ' by Atlantic Records Fucka '', la palabra `` fuck is... Feature film la muerte de el Topo por los soldados americanos certain rights to the perfect.... Vez el 14 ene 2021 a las 18:16 a film consisting of Parker,,... Which also results in Conan 's suicide de la batalla, el comediante Robin Williams ( un amigo compositor... A Parker y Stone confirmaron en el Reino Unido el 23 de noviembre de 1999 en los EE que! Robin Williams ( un amigo del compositor Marc Shaiman, Parker y Stone confirmaron en el Reino el... You 're doing we were hip, fresh, and Pam Brady was assembled eta kanadiarren. And even buying a copy as my first ever DVD purchase write a personal, fully committed musical to....

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