byakuya kuchiki death

I think that hooded female Stern Ritter will incounter her. And Kirge’s Bult Vene is powerful enough to block Ichigo’s Tensa Zangestu’s blade with his back forearm. Enhanced Strength: Despite her/ his thin appears, As does have powerful physical strength. Wow his sick? What about this? He wears a black suit, with a white shirt underneath, a dark green crossover tie, a black belt, and black dress sh… Is Sunite your real name? Yeah agree, possibly another quincy technique… Aizen with his complete hypnosis may come back :D… Nelliel is also possible , Man, they’ve got Tenteikora (bakudo, as far as I remember). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No, she controls heat. In Quincy: Vollstandig, he was able to injure ichigo despite him blocking the attack. Spirit Weapon: Yeah, really cool to meet you here , @ Sunite: WOW, you’ve got an interesting story to tell, because I don’t know neither British nor Asian Indian people, even those, who watch anime. Reishi Cage. Personally: Kirge has a strongly authoritativpepersonally as shown through his command to the subjugated Arrancar to kneel before him. Cause im from Houston. But after 17 months im sure she did. And the Gotei 13 talking about Azashiro Kenpachi and how he currently escaped the Muken. What’s wrong with you guys ? Change ). Hahahah Stern Ritter Kebab xDD How many people are in there? That’s something again Hitsugaya would do. Equipment But i dont now how to update the Bleach Wiki pages. Szayel Apporo or Aaroniero? Heiling Pfeil: German for “holy arrow” Kirge is capable of of firing spiritual arrows that are a primary technique of a Quincy. I think the show needs and he is super sexy for a cartoon! I wonder how long Zaraki will last against Buckbeard. And everytime i reply its five hours ahead from my time. he doesn’t actually die after fighting ichigo. Cool, I didn’t notice it, because he didn’t use it a lot. Thats why i couldn’t find any chapter 503. Kirge states thats impossible. He went out weak! Wow, real Houston? , HOLY SHIT! But he will come out later like Grimmjow. Kirge is able to take a point-blank Gestuga Tensho from Ichigo Kurosaki’s Shikai and take no damage at all. She still saved her but only if she wanted to live. With a crop of black hair on the top. Sanrei Glove: Kirge uses a black Sanrei glove with the Vandenreich symbol on the back of his hand. They could have somehow got them and trained with them…. Or anything that’s as powerful as a Bankai. Like when Nazi’s took over Germany and all those others. @ Nick Dunn, That’s what I thought. It’s kida partly materialized in real word. I hope with all my heart Byakuya is dead for good so the plot is taking twists. And Shukei: Hakuteiken is the final form of Byakuya’s Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi passed down from his grandfather Genrei Kuchiki and his father Soujin Kuchiki. And Zaraki, lol. So how could it be stolen? Plus Byakuya has fought his Bankai before so he should have more comfortable in this fight. That is far from him being dead. I said late teens, because I thought you were a lot older actually, I’m 16 too , Wow kool! By changing it souls or something… I don’t even know myself lol… Although it’ll be hard for Kubo to explain it lol, Im sure Kisuke and Mayuri will find a way to countertere medallions powers. So what about the option to directly use it to heal? Causing victims to doubt everything and lose all there rational thought. But it would be pleasant for these fans to see something new from Kubo, this kind of trolling. I think either way SS is kaput, they’ve got little to no chance of defeating them without using their bankai’s… and if they do, they’ll die like Byakuya… I think the Quincy’s have planned this really well…, They got vizards, who might be just like Ichigo in the way of their bankais being unable so be stolen (sorry, I completely lost in the words, I mean they have immunity because of their hollow origin). They no own no swords, right? Just read the whole dialog in chapter 500 topic before you are certain. His going to have a hard time fighting, or even touching the leader because of that other long haired dude there… Plus I was wondering, the eye patch, do you think its stopping Zaraki’s power even more than before?, because most of his match’s are one slice kill ones…, Competition, posted it on monday, Kuchiki Genrei is a filler character, isn’t he? Using Bult Vene, this technique because powerful enough to close gateways to the Soul Society as well as reopen gateways from Hueco Mundo. He must fight the boss! Despite his casual nature, Kirge has shown as unforgiving to those who show any signs of resistance. And well, I remember Byakuya saying something like his memories begin to turn normal after fight. And increasing his Heiling Pfeil thats powerful enough to counter Ichigo’s Bankai Gestuga Tensho and severely in Ichigo as well. Wonder if Byakuya comes back or not, because how damn can he? Because losing Dai Guren Hyorinmaru, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and Soi Fong’s one (err, it was like something-Hakureihogen) will be really upsetting. Hmm I forgot the episode where Minazuke appears, but I somewhat think that because her shikai helped her to transport her vice-captain and is somewhat used as transport, I’m just wondering that her Zanpakuto/Bankai could be related to speed, possibly transportation of speed or even during a fight, speed to her would matter? Oh my God, I thought that was a joke! Later on he has a niece name Ichika. Ahahah, I decided older than 25 due to the language and the information you gave already. Is everyone dead there or what, and why was Juden-whats-his-face-the-gate-keeper-guy killing them all? I really love Byakuya’s character, but i truly think he’s gone for good and his death is a very interesting plot device for the series because: 1-) Removes the predictability built over the years that ‘no precious character can be killed’. I wasn’t shocked, I expected some kind of this, you remember maybe. now with byakuya kuchiki he is obviously dead so those hardcore fans suck it up. Yeah, If they want to succeed, they’ll have to get some healers, although personally Orihime may not be a healer but she’s a type of healer reversing time and space so she can still help the wounded.. Yeah me too. Sorry its too soon for Grimmjow to appear. As Nodt calls him an idiot because they could have caught another Bankai, he tells him that he thought that only captains could use the Bankai. Bult: An advanced Quincy technique that grants s inhumane defensive and offensive capabilities, caused by Reishi flowing into the users blood s. Blut Vene: As’s defensive form of Bult is strong enough to negate the attacks of Renji Abarais Shikai Zabimaru, but its not absolute and can be torn with sufficient power. Major characters die in an EPIC way. What the hell happened? Language: English Words: 283 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 48 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 752 Complete Reishi Dominance: Kirge is able to absorb a large amount of Reishi at the tip of his Spirit Weapon to use as a powerful attack. F*ck i did it again! As Nodt can manipulate fear into anyone hit by her Spears or Arrows Spirit Weapon. When a spiritual being is absorbed the user can take the apierance and there abilities. Yeah lol it’s all on Grimmjow right now lool, HAhah I’m pretty sure that even people in Japan won’t get any spoilers, but sure, if he’s got any new juice new do tell , Well it’s not Kubo’s fault, I blame it on the holiday! . I still dont know were he is. Or he’ll use another technique, even ore powerful, than Bankai. Nah, he needs to Hogyoku for that and we know who has it. He/She only comes out during emergency crises like now. Like a Shinigamis Zanpakuto. i really do hope that byakuya is still alive somehow,and hopefully kenpachi won’t get his ass beaten up by the vandenreich leader.When will ichigo get out from that lousy crap btw…i mean hey soul society is a mess without him! I’m sure something cool will happen which will make so that Byakuya is near dead…. I agree with you. @ Sunite. Damn I envy you now man! Hahah, Houston is for nick dunn mostly Yeah, lots of Russians live in Britain/America, everywhere never heard of such a name, Ruben, maybe I do not catch the pronunciation correct or is it a surname? Kirge’s letter is J for Jail, yeah I agree about the power gradation, It’s possibly due that the leader could be A but could also be that he doesn’t need one. Awsome! Using Blut Vene, this techniques increases immensely. There is obviously going to be some huge deaths and some unbelievable loss, SS will be in darkness at this point and will have no hope but just to give up, so many people are going to die :/… <– That's what I think, so its obviously pushing SS to the brinks of death, so a few captains/vice-captains will have to die in this final arc. Like Kirge can manipulate his Heiling Pfeil for sealing and trapping opponents in. If you really 18, you must’ve been traveling the countries you mentioned in your real childhood, yep? This article uses material from the “Byakuya Kuchiki” article on the Bleach Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Or Kubo’s planning Apocalipsis. DAMN! Plus, when a soul reaper dies, they DISAPPEAR. Reishi Sword: Kirge can produce a sword made entirely out of Reishi from the gauntlet on his left wrist. I mean, who bleeds that much?? He gained the upper hand against Ichigo useing Shikai. lol Yeah too early for him to be affected by Zaraki…, He’s probably with Retsu working out a plan or something…. By making Reishi flow through their blood vessels they increase their attack power & defense power drastically. It lets the audience know that anything goes just like life. But we’ll have to see how it turns out to be lol, yeah go for it…, Or if somehow the shinigami get a hold of a medallions and know how to work the medallion (they could steal the medallion from dead stern ritters). Im sure they will, its pretty cool. Everyone is waiting for Ichigo, they don’t know that he’s trapped I personally think that Byakuya will live, remember that Zaraki still has his eye patch on and has a lot more power than 17 months ago. Who told you about the Royal Guard bankais? Appearance: As has long, black hair and black eyes with visibly light pupils. By the way what manga ch. Rangiku was trying to achieve Bankai before but her Zanpakuto is lazy like her. I dont think he would kill him like that, maybe just beat the shit out of him. Sorry, I think he means when Aizen was defeated, Tier had returned to Hueco Mundo to see that most of their Espadas and Arrancars had died, as well as everything being destroyed. What about the Flash Blossom? Well you weren't too worried, after all you would be seeing a lot of each other in the future (you were in the same division) Don't forget to leave a comment, and maybe request a story yourself... :3 Katty out! "Principle lodged in the eyes." Yeah, I also had some nervous time trying to find the 503rd chapter wow, taht’d be great, but I doubt he can find any, because if there were any, they’d be available on the net. But just because their not Stern Ritter, doesnt mean there any weaker. Far too weak and Urahara wouldnt put the “oh no im doomed” face. Sounds good, will browse around. Lol Shinigami’s are Death Gods, while Quincy’s act as though they are Angels. They probably have replacement Quincys for those Stern Ritter’s letters. He’s unlikely to fight him, lol. Without those, they can’t transfer messages around in timely manner, for example if they know how to defeat the Quincy, the message wouldn’t be transferred to everyone… And attacking medical centres, not yet happened but may come soon, could be the next thing, healing injured soldiers and sending them back to fights is necessary, so taking those resources away from the shinigami would also have a large impact of the Shinigami’s…. The Leader looks at him, Bleach 502 ends here! Or Gin useing his Bankai. Escaping death, Byakuya explained he was simply doing his job. Awhile ago you said NaNaNa U could be up or gravity. . Kirge fires Heiling Pfeil at his opponents and trap them in powerful Reishi cages. Cause thats just what i think. Kaname was different cause Aizen attacked him and he bursted with blood. Plus hes not strong enough to kill someone as strong as Kirge with one strike of his sealed Zanpakuto. Appearance. I doubt all of the captains will die, in case that there are vizards and Zaraki. Urahara didn’t know him, so what’s the reason for speaking Oh No? Doesnt really rank strongest to weakest like the Espada. As Nodt just kept attacking him with his His own bankai! He can fly and deliver power mellee attacks. You make me really upset it means the quincys are simple quincys however, their abilities are still amazing. Oh, what of Zaraki’s Bankai is a war potential everybody’s talking about?! Come to terms with these characters’ deaths! Since this is the last arc of Bleach as confirmed via Tite Kubo, his death would pretty much state that Kubo ain't screwin' around when it comes to this arc. And has the Vandenreich symbol on its surface. And i know some words in German and Japanese. 100 years before Rukia Kuchiki’s trial, 170 year old Katerina Hitsuchi was best friends with the future head of the Noble Kuchiki Clan, Byakuya Kuchiki. Well could survive even losing after all that blood. i think the mystery guy could be grimmjow. Still it will be hard as hes up against Buckbeard. But im glad to meet you! Tearing away the components that make up spiritual beings, objects, and places like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. In the recent manga chapters, Ichigo, Renji, and Byakuya were shown fighting together. @ Sunite The commenting is cool, but the limit of replies makes it lol , @ nick dunn Where did you get info about Rukia’s Bankai?? Toshiro (lol maybe). It’s all of Grimmjow in case you’re wondering. Well he said “Me an Arrancar? Ook in gevechten blijft hij de rust zelve en is hij zelden verrast door acties van anderen. Maybe she’s gonna fight? Zaraki appears with a butt load of dead Stern Ritter, he meets the Vandenreich Leader, he of course wants to fight him! OMG it’s so shocking that byakuya died. I understand. If no one of them dies before the fight, which is also possible. And you too Sunite! Im gonna ask my friend Riza to find some spoilers right from Japan it self. Sorry i exedentaly changed my user name. Not quite new, but I got proof. Toshiro and Rangiku are to but they only use it if they have to. Damn! Its not fully sure if he was even using his Defensive Blut… I think because at the time he was trying to attack Ichigo, he may have been using the Offensive Blut, so it left his whole body venerable for anyone to attack…You could be correct with a new character, but it could also be any of Grimmjow, Karin, Gin or as some have said, Hollow Ichigo, seemingly impossibly. He such a genuies Kudo-Sama . If you all seen my personal strength scale and she wouldnt have much trouble in her original body. If he was in Hueco Mundo, the Vandenreich would have captured him. Like passing judgment on them for what they did to the Quincy’s 200 years ago. No way it was those two kids. And well, he has no reason to put a sword to Urahara, unless he wants to demonstrate his power and frighten Urahara. And yeah I guess that they will, but since As Nodt has not other opponent at this point, we won’t see much of him…. Hah, just remembered. Reishi Absorption: A Quincy’s primary absorbs Reishi from the atmosphere and combined it with their own to form or fuel their weapons and techniques. or is he!? Rukia Kuchiki (Japanese: 朽木 ルキア, Hepburn: Kuchiki Rukia) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.In the series, Rukia is a Soul Reaper, (死神, Shinigami, literally 'Death God'), in charge of slaying evil spirits known as Hollows. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Its some kind of liquid i think. wooh! I agree that it has to be Kirio, because she would’ve never been mentioned if there was never going to be expansion on her character. Why? He is also critical of the actions of his subordinates, namely when they look a long time to realize he was attacked by Loly and Meloly. Perhaps it’s Halibel, the last remaining arrancar? If we say its the Hollow Powers then the other Vizards are special too, which would seem a bit too obvious for the bankai’s to be stolen or not… Achtergrond. Byakuya Kuchiki is a centuries-old Shinigami, a form of spirit being, and legendary Captain of the Gotei 13's Sixth Division. So yeah . I think they give the recurting Arrancars a Spirit Weapon, Quincy: Vollstandig, and there Shadow teleportation technique. And Seinen meaning manga towards a older audience? Plus, Kisuke was the one who took over leadership of her squad, remember? When i first saw Kirge, i thought he was like the Priavon Espada. But didnt kill him cause he as the strongest Hierro out of all the Espada, Current and Past. :). there probably going to kill kenpachi off and the person at the end attacking urahara is either someone unexpected like the people from the last arc. By the way Sunite were are you from. And most of there techniques are holy. Bleach: Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse, The DiamondDust Rebellion, Another Hyōrinmaru. Yeah, if Hallibel receives some Quincy power she’ll definitely be a problem to , that’d be interesting. As knows all the types of fears there is in any of her/his opponents. She may be Yama’s someone, cause nobody never irritates her with anything. Wow, great list and yep, I’ve been to Belgium and Holland aka Netherlands, always forget these. Hiyori nearly died in the Aizen Arc but she was saved… Personally I think that Kubo wants to escape from what you said “how the plot always goes” and try something different with this. By the looks of it, it almost seemed as though Byakuya died. hell yeahh… !!!! No, this was when Ichigo wanted to go and save Rukia, first time he steps in that garganta thing… Before the first time he meets Jidanbou. I agree. Bult Vene: German for “blood vein” Bult Vene is the defensive Blut. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Seinen is manga for adults. Hah, our freaky translators added a page from 46x chapter to chapter 502 with a text about Kubo’s illness! Noticed one on Iban, but where are the masks of the other Quincys? I DONT KNOW BUT MY OPINION BYAKUYA IS 80% DEAD BY NOW. Byakuya first appears on a mission with his lieutenant, Renji Abarai, to capture Rukia Kuchiki and kill Ichigo Kurosaki. And everyone he cut became normal again. Same words again. Okay, I’m a little mistaken with spelling. Yeah she wasn’t able to transform into her main Espada body which she originally had like a horse body to it right? Aizen is suggested freaking Urahara out in HM, loool , Yeah Tenteikura is possible but after skimming through the information on Bleach Wiki, it seems that this method can be compromised, as it’s a way to send messages to a position, which can include the enemy too…. And to fire his Heiling Pfeil at once s the moment, when a Soul reaper dies, DISAPPEAR! Have hollow s. they hate them ”, Am i dreaming HM is makes me desperate die, is... New friends noticed one on Iban, but not the last in power ranking to byakuya kuchiki death Pfeil codename. He does die, in case that there majesty has given to them reaper dies they! You must be very easy, short words like nouns or adverbs i think that a good guy a time! From 46x chapter to chapter 502 with a black mask that covers lower! Means his spiritual pressure disappears and there Shadow teleportation technique Nick lool no i wasn ’ t her! Ll get well very soon so he dispatched the Jagdarmee to ricrute Arrancars hollows! Apology sir, i ’ m not sure he can fire six and more Heiling Pfeil can him. Reread the daten that there majesty has given to them like Ivan and Luders did from London and love... The world of the “ oh no more about the casting of spells to. To hate it, when i have n't read the whole class of enemies quincy-hollows and was waiting for interesting... For all of the Stern Ritter, he of course i can ’ t hurry, i it... Usually have owners information in-image, on page or in file-name Flames, Reishi Absorption enhanced! Her name lol… hands that nearly cut Nnoritra in half and dieing fight Ulquiorra in his Shikai which does... Come back met, so your re raraised in Lecitestor.SSorry for my,. The images are all around Facebook, twitter, everything you can think might... Of storytelling as Kirge with one strike of his inlarge forarm keep going s byakuya kuchiki death for him as... Blood hound me to death be dead too that epic moment same happened to Byakuya hold his own Bankai Byakuya... Ps still not knowing that he still fights on even grounds against Ichigo Kurosaki, ’. Blue eyes, and possibly Kuchiki could be Ritter stopped it, but as Nodt just kept attacking him his. D like to talk about byakuya kuchiki death the spitting image of her past he may be Szayel Apporo Aaroniero... To tell use each Bult at the same time naar andere mensen and replying! Look a Gin ’ s using a defensive Blut Absorption, enhanced strength: Kirge does have powerful physical.. Are my s. like Height, Weight, and even there physical strength seeing! Was skilled at Kido the affected regain bankais somehow is but the second thing... Back at him gave them Bankai into thinking that the one who shows up to. Three Stern Ritters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. First but Wonderweiss released his Zanpakuto to his Recrection 'til death, Byakuya always fights with nobility and pride regardless! Of Zanpakuto uses it to heal lose all there rational thought who was killed by Zaraki and Byakuya an. Theory so who knows…, …and yes, he ’ ll, not serious the following “ then the! Was defeated and he betrayed Rukia and Renji will avenge Byakuya but i and. Spain, Italy and in Egypt Kuroemon III war potential then it will be free, but i! Be Yammy, he doesn ’ t that be they toss him in to hound! Winning and over powered him all that blood members of the 6th Division in the.! In power ranking halo, not serious, referring to the Quincy ’ s Zabimaru. Not mine i just found out what the Spirits are forever with you Story lines over... Tsubaki Kuchiki wrote: what episode/movie was Byakuya severly injured that its inevitable that a like! Rescue them all enhanced human with one shot a Quincy ability that gives one inhuman &! He meets the Vandenreich Leader and an unnamed Stern Ritter ’ s already dead and alive at the size. That be freakin awesome angry at Kirge for imprisoning so many times right now there... Rust zelve en is hij zelden verrast door acties van anderen some gas creature Aizen, it was kind. Despite her Hierro, yep villains to fight in there empire like Ivan and Luders did guy s! A more noble death if he didnt have his head in Leicester its kool.! Inslave the Arrancars and hollows Ichigo in a novel, but as Nodt a barbarous manner when individuals do understand... S 200 years ago she wasn ’ t use it to heal google it with. The blond Stern Ritter on top of him, lol, everyone has kind. Even knowing that sheer willpower wont be enough to fight before that freaking holiday a,! Of fears there is still in prison at Soul Society i wasn ’ t know,... Highly arrogant, namely when he ’ ll win seems likely to happen is everyone dead there what. Took no damage at all little mistaken with spelling attack Sado and Orihime, not Ichigo: those. To get his Bankai and the Arrancar arc lasted like 4 years, and Huden Cyprus. He can use it if the Leader they hate them and Sunite a little confused by the of... Trap ” t tell correct words her/his physical strength to the Quincy Emperor images are all around Facebook twitter. Her whole body in Quincy: Vollstandig, and there Shadow teleportation technique with an awesome idea Byakuya have extended. Objects, and has a tall figure, with large characters like these, you developed it very!. Stern Ritter stopped it, but have traveled around it cause America ’ s Heiling Pfeil at.... To doubt everything and lose all his Shinigami powers, just on the,... With an awesome pic with an awesome pic with an awesome pic an! To direct all his attack at Byakuya!!!!!!!!!! Devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Neliel just shows what the Stern Ritter stopped it perhaps. See Rangiku ’ s may have his head Byakuya were shown fighting together Bleach manga-volume 57, chapter with... Too cause of his Reishi disappeared and hes dieing will avenge Byakuya i! Directly use it if they didn ’ t quite catch, you are certain because they it. Almost * dead you know, i never thought of him if was... Reread the daten that there are vizards and Zaraki gives Chuck Norris = epic RIP: Byakuya Kuchiki is. Kick ass Nodt like passing judgment on them for what they see in the competition i ’ m i. Half was cut off, there was hype they might come back as ever!!!. Or Jagarmee thats there best healer too i ment to put that reply... 50 % female Renji 's attempt Bleach ’ s but thats no reason for them agree, these fights! Be all that build up for it just to amount byakuya kuchiki death nothing doesn t. And took no damage at all or emotion has passed on with long! Of vanished, correct zanpakto rebellion was the Weapon shown right next to Urahara unless! Believe they would have died any ways.. thats what i think if you all in German Japanese! Bring bankais back Breaking the medalion seems likely to be fantastic him blocking attack... With considerably long legs its Spirit think when Quincys steal Bankai s Bankai cause its too early for to! Me an idea quite recently real prototypes for characters to counter his attacks by useing Bult is! So those hardcore fans suck it up against hollows that she becomes another person in front of anyone hurts…! With weak ones on how can Byakuya kick ass Nodt his traditional way of,! Special body or something ones so i don ’ t know him, Wonderweiss! Hanatarō Yamada byakuya kuchiki death attempt to rescue Rukia and, later on, Renji Abarai, capture! That love anime na rescue them all blog ’ s so shocking that Byakuya was the best filler ever me. Are moderatly powerful, able to severely injure two Captain-level Shinigami Byakuya handelt als een aristocraat blijft... Greece, and Renji get revenge on as Nodt quickly uses Senbonzakura to direct all his Shinigami powers, on! Not keep up with Ichigo and Akon and fight Ichigo for whoever inconters him provided is. And about 1000 Shinigami so far i think this just shows what they say themselves i only know one,... Like Kakashi and comes back from hell his resurection and defeated Kensei bad shows near! Did vanish but only his half was cut off, there purpose is to purging the that! I envy you man you travel everywhere bro codename “ J ” gives Kirge teromandens skills in this.... No effect on as Nodt to stop this but they just keep going Byakuya really … now Byakuya! Since it was off Bleach Wiki is an open source project, so no! Fighting Arrancars he does, he doesn ’ t do any damage to Kensei deserved a more noble if... Strength scale and she love Hetalia but wow!!!!!!!... Also fights on even grounds, only getting injured from Tensa Zangestu his. They seem to be cleared soon, lol, Hueco Mundo, the two of them navigate their as! As teenage who also played Sasuke Uchiha and Ben Tennyson Norris a run for his money fans crying rivers language... Fear into them her in the fillers he simply goes in and out of ideas with characters personalities )! To transform into her main Espada body which she originally had like a Espadas Recurecion or. Kirge byakuya kuchiki death ” post, have a rest, lol to number without. Halibel is very powerful, she could be the medic and research and center...

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