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many different languages spoken in our small country make the mix even more interesting General Secretariat GS-FDFA Many chilly evenings conclude with delicious fondue. Parades and processions are popular during Christmas in Switzerland. In the mountain pastures of Appenzell it's time to celebrate! Then the Swiss wrestling festival in Schwägalp is just for you! There are as many traditional dishes as there are cantons, and just as many ways to celebrate spring, winter, the descent from the mountain pastures (the Désalpe) and other festivals. No need for an elaborate light show however: the people of Appenzell can ignite the countryside dance floor in broad daylight, with the sounds of the violin and double bass playing into the night until the early hours of the morning. Holiday Traditions of Switzerland "God Jul". Today, it is the largest traditional festival in Switzerland with stone throwing competitions, Schwingen - a type of Swiss wrestling - , dance, yodel, music and more. Switzerland follows several Christmas customs that are inspired by German, French and Italian traditions. The duke of Savoy had lost his former possession and wanted it back. Find the best places to celebrate carnival in Switzerland, including Basel, Bern and Zurich... Swiss summer and autumn customs – wine, cows and foklore festivals Pull out the alphorns and yodel till the cows come home (literally): that’s how the Swiss celebrate summer and autumn traditions, in an array of top folklore festivals. WhatsApp. Switzerland has a reputation for being, above all, beautiful. Mid-March, Palexpo Arena, Geneva. Folk art is kept alive in organizations all over the country. While restrictions on workers from non-EU/EFTA/UK states have been relaxed, tourists from these third-countries citizens are still ineligible to travel as a stay of fewer than 90 days will only be authorised in cases of special necessity. Keep your eyes wide open and you won't be disappointed with this trip! Historically, Carnival festivities have helped Europe get through the long dark winter. Now it hosts 230,000 visitors who are treated to over 250 concerts and shows spread out over six days. In Switzerland, 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thank you' come in four languages! Not to be missed is the “night-glow” when all the balloons are lit up by the flames of their burners. Share the joy of the unrestrained fun! In Switzerland, 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thank you' come in four languages! Here are a few suggestions to help you find some of our country's attractions off the – rustic, rural or mountain – beaten track, because there is more to Switzerland than just clocks, cheese, chocolate and skiing! 3 min read. Switzerland is a country with 4 different cultures. In beautiful country of Switzerland Diwali is celebrated Presence Switzerland, The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs presents, Swiss pro cyclist and doctor, the double life of Élise Chabbey, Swiss choral singing: a tradition that unites, Basel has the largest carnival in Switzerland, cattle descend from the Alpine pastures of Engelberg. This Swiss Festival is filled with color and joie de vivre, characterized by the parade of the traditional characters of Vogel Gryff (griffin), Wild Man and Leu (lion). For more information about these and other events, visit the official tourism site for Switzerland. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed and you’ll be sure to have a great time at this unique open-air festival. A five-mile run through the city’s old town kicks off the celebrations and through the week you can crack open traditional chocolate ‘marmite’ cauldrons and watch as armour-donned Genevois re-enact the famous victory. The proud Swiss Confederation hosts celebrations, festivals and all kinds of events throughout the year! Once the official part is over, the crowds head over to Collège St-Michel to try out a festive spread – and there is no taking it easy here! People from all over the world travel for a week long celebration and be part of the event. Venice – beware! When, where? National festivals and celebrations, famous exhibitions and cultural events in Switzerland. While the eclectic cities of Switzerland and the modern fairs and events of Switzerland showcase the modern Switzerland, the festivals of Switzerland, celebrated with much fervor, evoke the warm, nostalgic feelings associated with Easter bunnies and the Santa Claus. Every year, nearly 40 chocolatiers — including big names such as Favarger — flock to Versoix, a short trip outside of Geneva, for Festichoc. Christmas celebrations in Switzerland do not differ very much from those in other western European nations and the United States. Geneva’s motor show has been called the ‘world’s best catwalk for cars’ by Car Magazine and that tells you all you need to know; there’s plenty of glitz as some of the world’s biggest car makers unveil their new motors for the first time at the show. Chocolate sculptures are also on show and will really set your tastebuds on edge. As well as the ticketed events, there are plenty of free shows on throughout the festival. Immerse yourself fully in the heart of Switzerland and discover one of the country's most popular national sports. Good Friday Good Friday is a global Christian observance two days before Easter Sunday. Diwali Festival In Switzerland: Diwali is the best ever celebration for Hindus. Change of scene and ambience: at Bern's autumnal market, it is not horses but onions that play the title role. They celebrate this festival mainly in India and outside with great enthusiasm and lots of traditions. Festivals of Switzerland: Switzerland is a land where tradition and modernity come together. Easter celebrations in Switzerland take place with much enthusiasm and zeal. The tradition of the horse show has existed since the 19th century and it has become THE place to exhibit thoroughbred horses and their prowess – whether bareback, at a trot, gallop or pulling a Roman chariot. They follow multifarious customs, as there is a diverse group of Italian, German and French populations in Switzerland. Weihnachten—Christmas Day in Switzerland With mountain snowfall in abundance, Christmas Day begins the winter sports season. Every year, Geneva celebrates the defeat of the French House of Savoy in 1602 with the Fête de L’Escalade. The history of Unspunnen dates back to the 13th century. The high point of this traditional festival celebrated in Zurich on the 3rd weekend of April is the burning of an effigy of Old Man Winter. For this reason, Christmas traditions in Switzerland incorporate practices of 4 different nations. The Swiss mark their national day with many celebrations, bonfires and fireworks. Bernese farmers sell up to 10 tonnes of onions at this annual event. The country follows the Julian calendar, so they celebrate New Year for a second time on 13th January. August 17, 2010. The three original cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden were joined by the Eternal Alliance signed on 1st August 1291. Tweet 3. In Switzerland, it is mostly expressed in music, dance, poetry, wood carving and embroidery. This is where horse enthusiasts converge, in the height of summer. Between mid-September and mid-October, beautifully adorned cattle descend from the Alpine pastures of Engelberg, their bells ringing in concert. The celebrations on St Nicholas' Day itself ("Samichlaus" in German-speaking Switzerland) are predominantly for children. The Autumn Festival in Lugano will take place on 5 October 2019. Make sure to add the Montreux Jazz Festival to your must-see list. 448 Shares. Local tips for traditional markets, child friendly activities, Christmas Eve dinner and more! Creating a colourful hullabaloo, thousands of individuals disguised in incredible costumes and carrying lanterns make for one of the greatest shows to be seen. Now it hosts 230,000 visitors who are treated to over 250 concerts and shows spread out over six days. Read on to know more about Christmas celebrations in Switzerland. Customs, Traditions & Celebrations Swiss traditions during Christmas are different when compared to other countries. Parades and events take place across the country, while some areas host massive parties. Free samplings are of course on offer, including several chocolate fountains, and it’s possible to buy plenty of high quality chocolate from the local area. It is a time of year well known for its particularly abundant end-of-year celebrations, especially Christian traditions such as Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) and Christmas. WHERE: Throughout Switzerland This national holiday takes place on August 1 and celebrates the founding of the country of the Swiss Confederacy. Most families gather For two weeks at the beginning of July, Montreux hosts Europe’s biggest jazz festival. Over the years, Paléo has attracted plenty of big names including Tracy Chapman, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown and Oasis to name but a few. The comfortable climate of Switzerland is apt for celebrating hot air balloons because of which Switzerland organizes international Balloon Festivals. plays host to the most seasoned yodlers all trying to out-yodel each other – a wonderful traditional event to start off the summer. 6. Alas, it was not to be. A bit more off-beat than the rest is Gauklerfest, a gathering of street performers from around the world in the streets of Interlaken. representational celebration is staged in the location that the signing of the charter took place Because Basel has the largest carnival in Switzerland. When, where? Immerse yourself in Swiss culture with this pick of top 10 Swiss festivals. Discover Montreux Switzerland’s biggest carnival, Basler Fasnacht, takes place in Basel. Bizarre Festivals of Switzerland. Home » Festivals of Switzerland. There are … Before crossing over the röstigraben – the name given to the imaginary divide between the French- and German-speaking parts of Switzerland – to go forth on our festive wanderings, let us make a short stop in the Jura at a place called Saignelégier.

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