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So imagine our shock. If you ask him for a beauty tip. Bobbi with an I. LineDance-Tanzbeschreibung Level. Choreograph. Bobbi With An I von Phil Vassar. You coulda heard a chin drop I don’t find the song offensive at all; it simply isn’t a very good song. Bobby is a man’s man during the week, but he turns into Bobbi when the work week is through. Sadly two of them, Bobby Jr. and Bobbi Kristina, passed away in their 20s. Phil Vassar - Bobbi With An I Şarkı Sözleri, Phil Vassar En Popüler Şarkıları, Bütün Albümleri ve Şarkıları sadece'de. He’d be more likely to go someplace else where nobody knew him or where other likeminded souls hang out. Hey then don't be surprised Still, I think Phil has crafted a fun, engaging song – and characterized his protagonist pretty well. Country Music has always been about being who you are and not worrying about others…..That is what Bobbi is doing in the song, but Phil thinks he needs to ridicule people like Bobbi. Country music from a fan's point of view since 2008. 1 – 2 RF über LF kreuzen, LF nach li. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy . Then one weekend, down at the local bar, he walks in wearing a pink party dress and sporting golden curls. 'Bout ten o'clock down at the Whistle Stop one weekend Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I don’t find the song offensive at all; it simply isn’t a very good song. I beg to differ. You know, I’ve been thinking about this some more. Why even take this chance? it hasent been released yet for downloading purposes. She was the daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.Her parents' fame kept Brown in the public eye, including her appearances on the reality show Being Bobby Brown.Brown was 14 when her parents divorced and Houston gained custody. The song tells the story of the singer's friend Bobby, a former "linebacker, a quarterback sacker," who drives a tow truck and bench presses 335--and who shows up one night at the local bar "in his pink party dress." You better watch how much you drink ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I guess so – and if Bobby’s a truck driver you’d think he could do it while away from home too. Released in April 2009, it was the first single from Vassar's fifth studio album, Traveling Circus, released in December 2009. 3&4. 1 decade ago. I agree it’s not a good song – I have no objection to the subject, but imo it’s not very well written or interesting lyrically, and it’s really over-produced to boot. I don’t think so. the answer i got was that it was only given to the radio stations by the record company. Rachael McEnaney. She was 78. Actually, the cross-dressing theme has been covered before. Relevance? Watch the video for Bobbi With An I from Phil Vassar's Traveling Circus for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Wooo I really thrilled to come across this album with one simple idea. Sooner or later, the subject of cross-dressing as a lifestyle was bound to make it into a country song. No that's just Bobbi with an I, He isn't just one of the guys I I I I I... Well Bobbi's been a friend since I can't remember w This man owes a huge appology to the Transgendered Community!!! And I didn’t expect it to come from the squeaky clean Phil Vassar when it did arrive. I’m trying to figure out what the hell Phil Vasser and his record company had in mind. The singer has fathered seven children. Rechten Fuß hinter linken kreuzen - Schritt nach links mit links und Gewicht zurück auf den rechten Fuß . you may not like someone like Bobbi, but if you have ever been picked on, laughed at, ridicule in any way…then you know that his actions show his true personality. Wooo Yeah baby That's right now C'mon Here we go! It’s the lead single from Phil’s upcoming fifth studio album, and the song impacts radio this week, having already debuted at #52. So imagine our shock Yes, but it still doesn’t make sense to me that Bobby would cross-dress in his local in front of all his friends, and only on weekends to boot. So imagine our shock. That's right now Bobby Brown Jr has been found dead aged 28 Credit : Alamy How many children does Bobby Brown have? I did listen to this, it had a catchy tune to it…..but he is making fun of Bobbi. Yeahhh Bobbi he's as strong as a mule. Hinweis: Der Tanz beginnt nach 32 Taktschlägen. I think they’re way wrong. Obviously, he and his record company’s take on things is that America is ready to make this a hit. If you are conservative, you are going to be offended by this song and it’s blasé attitude about a lifestyle you find offputting and “weird.”. But I’ve never really been much of a Phil Vassar fan – his songs tend to have more gloss than substance for me. A linebacker, a quarterback sacker. I guess they thought it was funny, light and catchy summer fair. We all went together to school C'mon 5. Alright now. Musik. I Wrote a Song (Sing Along) Songtext von Bobby Goldsboro mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf The images and language are catchy, inventive, and fresh. Favorite Answer. Jon Pardi ‘Head Over Boots' Song…. 3 Answers. Manche Songzeilen vergisst man nie. What to think about this song? Change ). The minute he walked in Source(s): 99.5 WQYK radio station, tampa florida. BOBBY Brown has tragically lost one of his sons, Bobby Brown Jr. I think you guys are dissecting the song too much. I now know his producer is Universal South and I will extend my not purchasing his music to any artist who records for Universal South. Answer Save. The album contains the singles "Bobbi with an I" and "Everywhere I Go," both of which have charted on the U.S. country singles charts. It cuts to the core of who listens to country music on radio. The Beach Boys reference and vocal tricks Phil engages in are quite smart and ear-pleasing. So we live and let live, that's how it is. Jon Pardi 'Heartache On The Dance…. And a new man, er, woman is born. For instance, what home-schooler wants their kids listening to this song? Die Aufnahme ist eine Coverversion des Songs Bobbi With An I im Stil von: Phil Vassar. Yes, the ‘storyline’ as it is, has holes in it. i called the tampa radio station about this song too. This song is not meant to affend anyone..its all in fun…have a sense of humor for god sakes…its about a dude wanting free beer…end of story…and as for Phil not having any substance…his voice makes for that..he could sing the phone book! I’m not saying I approve of that and I’m not saying that Bobbi with an I should be dark and go in that direction. go back further to kinks and lola and a couple others from that time frame cross dressing and transgenders and transvestites have been portrayed in songs for a long time. In his pink party dress And he ain't takin' no lip. But, why waste all this undeniable songwriting talent on this yuck-inducing topic? Bobbi With An I. I thought it would be another 20 years before we heard a mainstream country music single about a transsexual. He’s been known to knock a few teeth out, so if you see a big burly wrecker driver in a sundress, don’t ask him for a beauty tip. Pingback: Phil Vassar "Bobbi with an I" | Listen to "Bobbi With an I" and read the review | The Georgia Jukebox. I I I I I... Well Bobbi's been a friend since I can't remember when. Kind’a reminds me of the episodes of the Sopranos on HBO where Bobby with a Y ultimately ended up very unceremoniously dead. I’m just saying that Phil’s take on this is a fantasy in the “average” American small town. And he ain't takin' no lip Rechten Fuß über linken kreuzen - Schritt nach links mit links. Song information for Washington Boro Tomato Love Song - Bobbi Carmitchell on AllMusic Cross, side, sailor step, cross, side, behind-side-cross. Here we go! Copyright: Writer(s): Craig Wiseman, Phil Vassar Lyrics Terms of Use. Die Bobbysocks (1984–1988) waren ein norwegisches Pop-Duo, das aus Hanne Krogh und Elisabeth Andreassen bestand.. Hanne Krogh vertrat bereits 1971 mit dem Lied Lykken er … (dt.„Glück ist …“) Norwegen beim Eurovision Song Contest (sie wurde Vorletzte), Elisabeth Andreasson bildete mit Kikki Danielsson das Duo Chips, das mit Dag efter dag (dt. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! People are praising Phil for this song, but in my opinion his is making fun of the trangenered community. 5-6. If you are conservative, you are going to be offended by this song and it’s blasé attitude about a lifestyle you find offputting and “weird.”. Is this a protest song designed to make us more tolerant? Der Text ist sehr klug und damals wahnsinnig mutig. ( Log Out /  We know exactly what’s going on. If the purpose of the song is for its shock value, then again it panders. bobbi with an i is the song and dance title. "Hey there's a chick in the men's room!" Yeah baby Phil Vassar - Bobbi With an I Lyrics. The controvery is masked behind genuine humor in this toe-tapper. Listen to Phil Vassar – ‘Bobby With An I’ on his MySpace. 46 after eight weeks on the chart, and was followed by "Everywhere I Go". Why would Phil do this? außerdem: geiler Song!!.. He’s always went in for heavy-handed production and his debut album – still one of my favorites – is full of autotuning and reverb, but personally, I like it. If it's the big-boned girl with a platinum curl Yeah the whole place stopped If this song is to make a social statement about homosexuality, then it fails terribly. LineDance-Choreographie Section 1. We just smile and say Februar 2015, 15:45. A linebacker, a quarterback sacker. The story continues as Bobby goes back to his day job on Monday – driving a tow truck. However, if you’re a fan of Phil’s music, this tune isn’t really a stretch from any other up-tempo song (which most of his songs are) in his repertoire. He makes such a convincing woman that “you better watch how much you drink/He might look better than you think.” Right. I I I I I... Well Bobbi's been a friend since i cant remember when. Jon Pardi ’She Ain’t In It' Song…. It peaked at No. Where can I download Bobbi with an I song by Phil Vassar????? I don’t actually think the song is about a transgendered person at all, Joanna, but a transvestite. We all went together to school. Jaws drop, but over time nobody gives it a second thought, it's "just Bobbi with an I." Create a free website or blog at So, how to think about or evaluate this song? But I suppose Phil doesn’t have a song then. Don’t think so. He's been known to knock a few teeth out. But if somebody hollers Die Geschichte hinter dem Song. He benches 335 Cuz it was Bobbi with an I. I'd run across "Bobbi with an I" by country singer Phil Vassar a few months ago and was intrigued. If you go to his website, you will find a link in the bottom left corner that asks “Do you know a Bobbi with an I?” Once you get there read his speciaal little message at the top where he calls people who do this idiots. We all went together to school. Now Monday mornin', he'll be be drivin' that tow truck. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If Bobbi walked into most small town bars in America I don’t think they’d be saying “oh, that’s just Bobbi with an I.” Bobbi would be uncomfortable and so would the patrons–in fact, really, it’s unrealistic. 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS, NEW SONG: AC/DC - "Shot In The Dark" - LYRICS, Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably, NEW SONG: Shawn Mendes - "Wonder" - LYRICS, 15 Huge Stars Who Were Backup Singers First.

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