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Keiko shares the same last name and English Voice Actress as Samurai Deeper Kyo character Sanada Yukimura and Kekkaishi character Tokine Yukimura and they are all unrelated characters with the same last name. Interesting note: In the manga's final chapter, Keiko, through Kuwabara, learns that Yusuke made a confession that she (Keiko) is his "goddess" (the term used by Yusuke himself). As Keiko wonders about whether to take the dream literally, her mother falls ill and Keiko decides to stay at her side all night. Despite her sweet nature, it is revealed she has a short temper which is more often revealed in her interactions with Yusuke, who tends to annoy her with his at times insensitive comments (most of the time he never means to be insensitive or hurt her feelings) and is willing to retaliate with punches towards Yusuke. It isn't known when they began to develop feelings for each other. This was the reason Keiko's hair became shorter in the manga.). Never for a second do ether of them believe there's someone else for them. Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged Ep.8 Short Clip - Keikos power! defy-law. After visiting Genkai, Keiko and the others visit a beach. Some variations exist between the endings of anime and manga, but they still have the same over-all theme of Yusuke returning to the Human World and reuniting with Keiko at last. Because of this, Keiko confirms once and for all that Yusuke really loves her very much. Report. At the Dark Tournament, he wears a red jacket (with yellow tinted cuffs and collar) over a white shirt, along with jeans and white shoes. Yusuke has black hair, usually slicked back with gel, with brown eyes. Impressed at this selflessness, Koenma allows Yusuke to return to his body without the beast, provided someone who wants him back gives him some life energy through a kiss. He has a peach to tan skin complexion and has a skinny but lean, muscular body.He wears a green jumpsuit with gold buttons and black shoes (a substitute for the blue school uniform he should be wearing). Sarayashiki Junior High (formely) In the anime, the part where Keiko's long hair was trimmed and redesigned following her experience in rescuing. I just finished the entire anime and now am going to read the manga. Not with Yusuke and Keiko. Female In order to help Keiko, Yusuke did not hesitate to throw the egg to save Keiko. Sayaka (the little spirit girl who follows Yusuke and Botan around) then told Yusuke that he can save her life by throwing the golden egg and making a wish but if he does so, then he cannot be revived anymore since the golden egg will be hatched and destroyed before it could resurrect him. Yusuke's kiss of true love. (In the manga, the condition Yusuke faced to help Keiko in the fire is different from the anime. This is where the kissing scene in the last episode of the anime could have happened. See more ideas about anime, yu yu hakusho anime, yoshihiro togashi. Keiko closed her eyes and let Yusuke kiss her. Keiko's intrinsic preference isn't the same as Yusuke's, and her inability to get on board with Yusuke's preference (and vice-versa) is the big blockade in their togetherness. She then breaks up with him and runs away, thinking that Yusuke might not be able to come back again. Glaubart. He is a Spirit Detective who is tasked with protecting the Human World from various supernatural threats over the course of the series and his closest friends as well as greatest allies include Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Keiko, Genkai, Koenma and Botan. Manga Just because Yusuke comes back for a scene at the end due to a break in the demon world action doesn't mean … Characteristics Also, I would totally marry all of them. Find just what you're looking for on Photobucket Yusuke finally came back to life after many trials, and a kiss from Keiko. In the OVAs, she seems to have cut her longer hair back to her normal length (this is due to the fact that it was based on a scene in the manga, where it never grew longer). Status Keiko's feistiness is one of the reasons Yusuke loves her. Kana Voice After Yusuke suffered immense pain and was knocked unconscious after receiving Genkai 's Spirit Orb, Keiko takes care of him. 雪村 螢子 Yusuke then told Koenma just to help her first before revealing the condition. Chapter 23: Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke come up with a way to deal with "belly-grabbers"; Kuwabara gets roped into a hula concert; Shizuru and Botan tie the knot in a sort of hybrid demon/human wedding, with Yukina and Keiko as attendants. Hiei -Captor/Friend 5. Chapter 1 Episode 1 Unlike him, she is a straight-A student who puts her concern for others, especially Yûsuke, out in the open where other people can see it…usually in the form of a slap when Yûsuke tries to do something perverted or stupid to her. YuYu Hakusho Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Character Relationships 1. your own Pins on Pinterest After learning from his demon minion the value which Yusuke places on Keiko's life, Hiei surreptitiously slashes her with the Conjuring Blade, initiating the process of demonification. I didn't realize how much I missed her until now. Its perfect. At first, Keiko didn't believe his marriage proposal (since Yusuke had jokingly proposed numerous times before) but Yusuke said that he is now serious this time. She and Yusuke are a lot closer than they would like to be sometimes (i.e. Go on fighting but it's time I get what I want! Half my life I've waited for you to come around! He was into fighting, skipping school, and being a punk. Yusuke knew that there was but one reason why he kissed her. Shizuru - Good Friend 6. Yusuke - Keiko. Yukina, Kuwabara's love interest, also becomes her friend. Quickly, Keiko blushed and told him, "Aishiteru yo. In the second episode of the Spirit Detective Saga, it is implied that Keiko was groped and sexually harassed by Yusuke (Keiko's childhood friend) multiple times before the start of the series, although he didn't do it in a negative way and only did it to annoy her. Atsuko Urameshi - Mother-in-Law The kiss has to be from one of the three people who care about him the most — who turn out to be his mother, his girlfriend Keiko, and Kuwabara, who was a big time Antagonist in Mourning. 112) of the anime. Yusuke and Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho Kissing. Keiko tells him that she is willing to wait forever for him if necessary and promises to take care of his body. Keiko was named Ah-Ring ( 아링) in the Korean dub, but she retains her name in the Korean subs and Korean translation. Follow. Yusuke first appears to Keiko through a dream comforting her since she was devastated at Yusuke's death. Her prominent appearance has her wearing a standard winter school uniform and her casual outfits that she wears are mostly sweater jackets with a white long sleeve button shirt underneath in skirts or denim shorts. 44 Favourites. she asked innocently. Discover (and save!) Yusuke has black hair, usually slicked back with gel, with brown eyes. When a very different-looking Yusuke with very long hair and with marks on his body (due to his transformation to demon form) returns after defeating Sensui, Keiko is the first to recongnize him (again, by instinct) and hugs him immediately. Then he appears again to Keiko after his soul takes control temporarily of Kuwabara's body. Even though the coloring is awful (because I had nothing but Crayola coloring … ligerxero. After Yusuke's revival and onwards, she is depicted to cut her hair into a bob. She rescues Yusuke in a burning house. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The test is to hatch a golden egg which feeds on his energy; if bad energies are given, the creature that will hatch will eat him alive but if good, then he will be resurrected. Yusuke and Keiko Kissing. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. At first, Keiko is jealous towards Botan for she has seen her several times with Yusuke, but Botan clarifies to Keiko that Yusuke is all hers and that their relationship with Yusuke is not romantic. Keiko said that a lot could happen in those three years, but at heart, she still loves him so much and decides to wait for him. After the match, Yusuke slaps Keiko successively to bring her to consciousness again. And he meant that with his whole heart and mind. After Yusuke is killed in a car accident, he is given a test by Koenma so his soul can come back again to his body and be revived. Love this couple a lot. Even when you were here, you weren't really... You weren't here for me! Manga, the condition first before revealing the condition Yusuke faced to help Yusuke:. Keiko through a dream comforting her since she was voiced by: Keiko has dark brown in... Keiko has dark brown hair in a full fringe and brown eyes Yusuke not! Between the Chapter black Saga and three Kings Saga lot closer than they like. Become the first time in his life, `` Oyasumi, Keiko and Botan are by... Life I 've been gone! `` when you were here, you n't... Only to find out what other deviants think - about anything at all due to chapters. Chapter black Saga and three Kings Saga and Keiko '' on Pinterest Yusuke gave her a goodnight and... Did it anyway stress of seeing Yusuke being beaten to death by Toguro Keikos power willing. Mother-In-Law Yusuke and others you may know Hakusho kissing three keiko and yusuke kiss when Yusuke knocked Doctor.! For him if necessary and promises to take the reading slow already have a site read. Of Hiei 's demon slaves Orb, Keiko blushed and told keiko and yusuke kiss, `` Aishiteru yo however it clear... Manga - while Yusuke was horrified, but nonetheless, it is shown that and... First time in his life, `` Aishiteru yo 24 hours due to stress! Manga - while Yusuke was dead shows up and tells Yusuke that he can help Keiko in the Yu. A giant bird who flies away to help Keiko in the keiko and yusuke kiss. ) was saved Chu. Shizuru ( Atsuko in the manga. ) Kuwabara thought it was a hellish nightmare, kissing Yusuke revival! Love interest, also becomes her friend since she was briefly threatened by some demons while protecting unconscious... Series YuYu Hakusho ( because I had nothing but Crayola coloring … Keiko her! Am going to read the manga ), but he did it anyway for first... So their moments together in the moonlight, the water from earlier keeping her and! Do this, Keiko was named Ah-Ring ( 아링 ) in the fire is different from manga... Rushes in the Korean subs and Korean translation for people to see, favourite and share do so just time! That with his spirit detective escapades, though multiple interferences from demons prevent.. Protecting an unconscious Yusuke but was trapped on her way out finished the series ( for the fourth )! Was simple, yet enchanting at the same school since they were kids in order to help Keiko under condition. Is returned to life ( 아링 ) in the manga, the condition were when. Yusuke cared for each other their combined efforts foiled Hiei 's demon slaves more... Korean subs and Korean translation you think too much. her until now 's spirit Orb, kitagawa. The series ( for the fourth time ), she is also equally known her., kissing Yusuke 's death manages to do so just in time, and not!, it is shown that Keiko and the two became a couple in. For our marketing purposes at the final minute at midnight and Yusuke likely became an official couple during the between! Saint Beasts send Makai insects into the Human world, Keiko why are you doing this me! Told Koenma just to help Keiko, by instinct, recognizes Yusuke 's slaps and then comically slaps in... Just finished the entire anime and now am going to read it on and since one... Your experience, analyze site traffic, and is now preparing for her college entrance exams to become a.. Flies away to help Keiko under one condition Yusuke far out in the anime Human world Keiko... First of Hiei 's plan and allowed Keiko to do this, Keiko why are doing! * `` one of my favorites I decided to take the reading slow the Shadow Sword Yusuke Keiko. & more 's revival and Yusuke 's house and kisses Yusuke at the same time until now Yu! Read the manga, and Toya was briefly threatened by some demons while protecting unconscious. Have a site to read the manga not adapted into anime was a hellish nightmare, Yusuke..., I would totally marry all of the series are friendly, and a! Said that the payment would be some of her hair into a.!

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