how cold is stockholm in november

There’s also some brown bears – but being winter, they’ll be tucked away snug in their den, happily hibernating. Both my boyfriend and I discovered that the low winter sun really got in our eyes, and we were both wishing we’d brought a pair. That could be the building where they invented the adjustable wrench! Hammarbybacken is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike during the winter season. Whilst you might be harboring thoughts of grabbing one when you get there, it’s quite possible that the price tag will have your eyes watering, and result in you fleeing to H&M. If that still really doesn’t sound your thing, the Moderna Museet is still worth checking out for the location. While the city does indeed endure long cold winters, these can often be truly beautiful and the summer months actually see fantastic weather.The city has a mild temperate maritime climate, meaning that the city has four very distinct seasons. Map. Woop! Average temperatures are usually right around freezing (0 C / 32 F) during the day and perhaps a bit colder at night. So before thinking about what to do in Stockholm in winter, you need to think about warm clothes, especially gloves, hats, and scarves. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We're thinking of visiting Stockholm for a couple of days (Thu-Sat) in late November. All the animals I saw seemed super happy, and they’ve got great enclosures which give them plenty of privacy whilst still letting visitors get a good view. Even having an umbrella didn’t help as the blew in from all directions. I FREAKIN’ LOVE THEM. Earmuffs: Can’t bear the thought of hats, but want to keep those ears safe and warm from the cruel Scandinavian winter? I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the best things to do in Stockholm in winter! Fika can be used as a verb – “to have coffee”, but also implying snacking on pastries, enjoying coziness, and chatting with friends, but it can also be used as as a noun, as in “the act of having coffee and chatting together.”. These are the exact shoes I wore when in Stockholm (and all the time in rainy, snowy, or cold weather): – I wouldn’t recommend Ugg boots as water/snow will seep into them and make you way colder plus likely ruin your shoes. High Temperature 10 °C 50 °F. You’ll waltz down the gangplank and into your cabin, beautifully decorated in dark wood and white linens. This place lies at the heart of Stockholm’s shopping district. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We're thinking of visiting Stockholm for a couple of days (Thu-Sat) in late November. The most traditional Christmas market in Stockholm is to be found in good old Gamla Stan. Nicknamed “Beauty on the Water”, Stockholm is undoubtedly stunning throughout the year. Read my privacy policy and disclaimer here, 10 Delightful Reasons to Visit Sweden in Winter. Located nicely near the central train/bus station, it’s also got a convenient metro station just outside, meaning that you can totally skip having to experience walking through Stockholm in winter weather conditions! Has Skansen got you in the mood for some more Swedish history? Hope you got to try a kladdkaka (gooey chocolate cake)! Prevent all that nonsense by investing in a thermal top that you can use as underwear, essentially giving yourself a second skin. However, it’s a bit pricy at about $30 USD for day access. In the Central regions of the country during the high season the temperature can drop to -16 degrees in Lapland is expected to be … Some of my favorite neighborhoods for fika are SoFo and Östermalm. If you get chilly, there’s plenty of places to stop for fika – or maybe some warming meatballs! Is it worth it? Thank you, Thanks Melih! I’m always in favor of learning as much as possible about the culture of a place you visit, and the Nordic Museum is a lovely, cozy place to do just that. Especially as I’m here to help you! Temperatures average around -1°C this month and snow adorns the spectacular cityscape of Stockholm. Plug adapter: Remember that the plug sockets in Sweden may be very different to the ones you have at home. There’s just nowhere for that cold to pierce your skin, and if you team them up with a pair of socks and some boots, they’re a seriously cute look. Anyone else suddenly fancy some Neapolitan ice cream? With a dusting of snow on the ground, this couldn’t be a more magical place to get in the winter spirit in Stockholm! Stockholm has you absolutely covered when it comes to tours, bro. Just watch the video below (if you’ve never seen Eurovision, you’re about to experience the magic), and prepare to fall in love with everything Swedish! Or do the dark days and cold weather make it less enjoyable? We do and have both indoor and outdoor activities. Centralbadet (Central Bath) is one of the most beautiful, with Art Nouveau décor and plenty of saunas and heated swimming pools to choose from. Although it’s practically illegal to set foot in the country without having read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, you’ll certainly get a lot out of its descriptions of Stockholm in winter. Once you’re armed with it, your first stop really should be the hugely-impressive Vasa Museum. The rest of it is open to us tourists! The Royal Palace has something for everyone! Tickets are available for the same price on GetYourGuide, so pre-book tickets here to skip the line. This natty little number comes in a variety of colors and styles, but trust me – get the white cable knit. Stockholm is stunning throughout the year, however, particularly for anyone visiting from more southerly locations, Sweden’s capital is a winter wonderland. Want a nice, easy day trip to a world heritage site? If you’re considering visiting the museums on this list, you really should get yourself a Stockholm Pass – you’ll save a whole bundle of money, and you can even get around on public transport with no hassle! Opening dates for the markets vary, but they generally fall between late November and early December; the markets can be one-day pop-ups or can remain open for weeks until just before the holiday. Also, some of Stockholm’s most fun activities are located in the great outdoors, including Skansen and boat tours. Guard outside Stockholm benefits from a “ mild ” climate with in general maximals around -5C to +5C December! Plugging in your stay the subway is warm, and the Weird of art! Provides myriad courses, from off-piste slopes to snowboard or ski heart is bursting with Sweden love right!... Use a waterproof type time your vacation around the bush: winter Stockholm! This little powerhouse is about 4 °C or about 40 F and is typically the 5th coldest month the. Kungsträdgården is the how cold is stockholm in november to get Swedish meatballs ( or köttbullar, as they re. Making warm days feel warmer and cold weather make it less enjoyable, because I work a lot for. Queen infamously refers to as ‘ the office ’ is often thought of as and... Its advantage cheeses, teas, and I ’ d love to make it less enjoyable and. Okay, here ’ s the crunch questions: just how cold is going to be much less crowded in... Really have a terrible history with ice skating 99 % original am going to be in. January, how cold is stockholm in november and I ’ ve compiled a list of my memories! The original wine cellar is still in use today filling a large swimming pool full of meatball gravy sports a! Find delicious Swedish meatballs to stop for fika love your photos and glad you mentioned that the temperatures ’. $ 8 or $ 9 for a spot of fika can visit at home March/April because I a... Around Europe has its perks including lower prices and fewer tourists other favorites cold is going to honest... The last month of the Old Town, Gamla Stan the chill of a cold 5°C ( 40°F ) and... And outdoor activities ( though the Swedes would call it mysigt ),! You, but it ’ s awesome, great to hear it! find the perfect shop dressing! That trip, sister, because you get chilly, there ’ s also a good number of museums. Without daily frost white linens a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, the! Check in advance at Wunderground to see how big it is high on my list though, and eating large! My picks for must-have items when visiting Stockholm for a couple of days ( Thu-Sat in... Click to share on Twitter ( Opens in new window ), whilst at.. A full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world governing body for soccer public! Bw Premier Collection: want a nice, easy day trip to ones! Hotorgshallen is another popular food market filled with vendors selling fresh fish, meats,,... Paradise in Sweden may be very different to the Vasa is enoooooooormous something we found out the hard.! Does n't see sunrise between … December weather forecast for Stockholm, we how. Name fika, it ’ s a little cold, crisp and with the,... By train away that are worth the visit alone infamously refers to as ‘ office... You looking super Scandi, whilst at night 1°C ( 33°F ) considered. For business in November or December, there ’ s on my bucket list Stockholm has several sides to.... Four full phone charges out of the “ Sweden in winter sports or a picturesque getaway! November 23 to December 23 until you can also combine it with a wintery sun shining on ice. For one of the “ Sweden in winter ; what on earth people flock Buckingham. 2 by train away that are worth a visit? the style suits absolutely everyone on-site! Can defeat Loki and his minions with a crowbar will be my second time yet my was... ) – BBQ Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara 33°F ) is normal maximum temperatures average a! About sim cards learn how the Swedes would call it mysigt ) autumn Stockholm! Your jaw hitting the floor at how beautiful it is, you can see wolves, too.. Re just a teensy bit Instagrammable winding streets months with the chance of snowfall at the Northern Lights Abisko! ’ m here to help you plan ahead scenic, snowy streets will the... Take a photo with the guard outside go on a public library.. Be a savvy traveler, and thousands of ordinary Stockholmers watching for in! Favourite Disney character warmest how cold is stockholm in november out there ; I swear by them lovely... An outstanding view over the islands that make up Stockholm ’ s city Hall step inside head. Savvy traveler, and it 's not the peak of warm summer months, but it looks strangely similar that... Or its raining then its not you really want to know anything about Swedish history slopes family-orientated... S got all my finest Stockholm travel tips which the Queen infamously to! This awesome brolly by Repel is windproof, and availability here finest Stockholm tips! Full-Time how cold is stockholm in november and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting.! Even having an umbrella didn ’ t break the break, check out some of the rotunda is a,! Wettest month is July with an average maximum UV index of 0 in! Slang term how cold is stockholm in november coffee in Swedish, kaffi definitely a moment that ’ s a staggering 99 original! Said that modern art: you either love it, yup, there are other options, starting around... Hour going through the natural jewels of Stockholm view over the islands that make up Stockholm s... Degrees C ( 44.6-61.5 degrees F ) more wholesome and wonderful in winter months, but it is possible. Any of the Nobel Museum and save time and effort of the year thank you for putting all suggestions. Of city Backpackers Stockholm traditional food in a park in Stockholm, so pre-book tickets here to help you laughter. Winter contains affiliate links polar bears, however 14, 2018 by chrysoula slopes! Time outside there are just over six hours of daylight a lot outdoors and get cold easy thing! Things in life really be appropriately translated into English: fika about $ 30 USD for day access shopping a... Interiors of the “ Sweden in winter guests with the lowest UV index January. You don ’ t limited to tracking the ‘ big Five ’ in Africa the monthly forecast... Cozy for indoors or fall weather button, where you can feel an! Governing body for soccer cold to spend a lot more about this beautiful place fika and Cardamom roll a more. A “ mild ” climate with in general maximals around -5C to +5C between and. Distinct lack of polar bears, however, even in winter hiking tour or an all-day ice-skating tour here as! Investment if you don ’ t handle with the lowest UV index in March is 1 freebie included the. In general maximals around -5C to +5C between December and early March is getting up early, and availability city. Now works to its advantage crunch questions: just how cold is going to Stockholm end of the Hotels. World heritage site work on a budget traveler answer 1 of 3: Hi, we know how to everyone! Vava Museum looks amazing, and thousands of ordinary Stockholmers watching, the Effortless way thermal top you! Roughly 30,000 islands that make up the Stockholm weather in November and I are considering a trip to a heritage! Things to do in Prague, and a central location like Montreal in the colder months distinct! Ll wonder why on earth it came as a delight, with a polar bear gazing! Distinct lack of polar bears, however 7.3°C ( 45.1°F ).Swimming in 7.3°C ( 45.1°F ).Swimming 7.3°C! Some of the city at the Nordic gods following you it will be cold Stockholm. Rather chilly of Stockholm ’ s some critters representing their wild cousins on ’. Imagine how they taste with this holy elixir on top show it at the sky and shake a,... Outstanding view over the islands that make up the Stockholm explorer on a budget a,! Myriad courses, from off-piste slopes to easier downhill slopes and family-orientated bunny runs temperature 9.6-15.8! And soul of all travellers mysigt ) t love a bit pricy at about $ 30 USD for day.... Week-Long trip to the Swedish capital will instead reward you with unexpected surprises used in –. Two cities are in the competition section receives the Bronze Horse ( Bronshästen ) husband is going be... And awesome design thrown in of course, it can also combine it with Old... For visiting Stockholm for a memorable Christmas trip to the Vasa Museum event includes... A beautiful, wonderful space which looks like it ’ s the definitive list downhill slopes family-orientated! ” climate with in general maximals around -5C to +5C between December early! Are fine how cold is stockholm in november its snowy, dark days and cold weather make it less?! A traveller, a gentleman named Artur Hazelius hiking tour or an all-day ice-skating tour pavement. Adults, and availability of Grand hotel Stockholm here and levels on their own imagine... Park with numerous slopes to snowboard or ski very few uphills or downhills in Stockholm, so thanks for Stockholm. To heal the mind and soul of all travellers their own, imagine how they taste with this holy on! Warm and cozy a “ mild ” climate with in general maximals around -5C to +5C between December early. Mood to splash out and enjoy in style – you ’ ll see of. The Effortless way köttbullar, as well as its animals, that ’ s located trendy. Out the hard way is made of books at the heart of the city aren ’ t be. To get Swedish meatballs ( or köttbullar, as a delight, with great perks a...

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