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yes randall very friendly , every one that you deal with is very frendly and happy about working on thease games , untill you ask about your mony , then its all ignore , evade , and redirect . That is a load of fucking bullshit. Especially when you’re first starting out, and you’re doing maybe 2-5k words in a 120k book. These coupons are updated on 13, Jan 2021 by our’s coupon submission communities, these coupons, deals, offers and discount code has been verified on a timely manner to check the reliability of the coupons displayed here. I’m simply stating that your frothing at the mouth and spouting of facts not proven is asinine and wrong. ADD TO WISHLIST > PDF. i mean serously , did thease guys all just fall into this company ? Otherwise, I think things are proceeding in an orderly manner. “We’re not trying to prove there was a crime”, -“Catalyst Games, Defiant Criminals” Catalyst Game Labs Publisher of exciting adventure games including Shadowrun and BattleTech. u must really be a fan. Is there anything Catalyt can say that you won’t claim is a piece of PR spin? OK, as you may well have been able to surmise from release schedules, Catalyst Game Labs is in a bit of a financial pickle, and it is somewhat unlikely that they will retain the license to make Shadowrun products. ( Log Out /  If Coleman did steal then he stole from people he knew, and people he knew didn't have a lot of money. them “oh ok hay cool then ill send u the briefs and u can get started any time befor the 15th ” And Shadowrun. 2. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not the story here – what is the story is the financial mismanagement that allowed Coleman to take what wasn’t his. I’ve also tried to point out that those graphs have no context. me “listen i cant work for you if u dont pay me what your allready owe me , and you are verry late in paying ” And freelancers are low on the totem pole when it comes to info being doled out. It’s good to be king, apparently. thay use the same tactics same speaches, i cant speak about post human i have no idea really, sucsk cuz thease are all quality games and qulaity books , but run by total pricks , or total idiots or a combination of boath. If he had not, it might never have come to light until after the collapse of the company – if it collapses at all. Catalyst Game Labs Catalyst Game Labs Filters. We learned that over the past several years the company has achieved dramatic growth in terms of demand, increased total revenues and strong sales with an increasing market share in the gaming industry, despite a lackluster economy. Contrary to Frank’s conviction otherwise. Game. It’s not just Dumpshock, it’s and many of the other ones. In addition, Catalyst would like to congratulate CamoSpecs, the official [i]BattleTech[/i] painting team, for their recent selection of Matt Frederiksen for the role of coordinator. Battletech: Battle of Tukayyid: Map Pack 4.0 out of 5 stars 2. All it will do is create hard feelings among folks I have never met and would probably like if I did. I’m just sick of being half truths being reported as fact – by both sides. Who did what, that is the issue that Frank brought to light. Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). This blog has a built-in spell checker and you won’t use it. Definitie in het Engels: Catalyst Game Labs . Catalyst Game Labs is an imprint of InMediaRes Productions, LLC, which specializes in electronic publishing of professional fiction. $19.99. Catalyst Game Labs. how any one could try and be an apologyst for them is mind blowing . As much as I feel for the freelancers – say all the accusations are true, then Bills and the other owners are the ones that have been injured the most (financially). They published a few good Battletech books. Haven’t they all been confirmed by other freelancers/company people posting? Surprising I know.). Catalyst monetary trouble rumor gets official reply the tl;dr version is that this was basically a home business that blew up. Years ago, I reported on the proofreading issue. If CGL loses the license, I doubt very much anyone else will be rushing to pick them up. because your man mxyzplk is spot on . And no, they don't just make sure that your water boils when it hits 100C How about Messrs. Coleman and Bills themselves? 12 Jul 2017. As of January 3rd, 2010, WildFire terminated any and all business relations with Catalyst Game Labs, due primarily to non-payment of royalties, in addition to other contractual breaches. If it's the cryptozoologist Coleman, who knows. the only illegal thing is the tax fraud, and honestly, if you’re going to have an ethical issue with that enough to quit, you’d damned well have enough ethics to report it to the IRS, not make the statement on a fan-run message board. If the facts posted are wrong, outright say so, not some cryptic “things are not as they seem” type posts. There’s Jennifer Harding, who says she quit Catalyst “after being asked by Loren Coleman to falsify royalty reports to Topps”. // April 23, 2010 at 10:12 am | Reply. Or how about the forums whose moderators make their allegiance clear as they delete post after post? Yeah, none of that is news. Their website posts no jobs, they haven’t announced any news from themselves since November, their flagship product, the new Mechwarrior game, is still in legal limbo. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It helps you and your guests to relax & unwind after a busy week. if thay did this as i described , and did it with the intent to keep the cash and not pay it thats fraud , as thay were workign interstate , and also had guys workign itnernationaly then thay are voilateing sevral laws , state and fedral labor laws , inter state comerce laws , and it might be a streach but wire fraud , if some one pressed it im quite shure some one would end up in jail , and i used that as my levrage to get payed the second time . We are thrilled by that news and are eager to move forward with our upcoming original game Leviathans, along with our other new casual games. )criminal activity. Finally, she asked him “How do you do it? Catalyst Game Labs owns the Classic BattleTech License. Apparently very few people have meaningful ethics any more, sadly. Welcome to the Catalyst Game Labs Channel! As of January 3rd, 2010, WildFire terminated any and all business relations with Catalyst Game Labs, due primarily to non-payment of royalties, in addition to other contractual breaches. There don’t seem to be very many other paths for egos like that. But hey, why confuse the issue with math when your opinion and ranting is proof enough. Hard to believe they held on this long without someone making a stink over late payments, but when you are a writer, any chance to become an author (that is, officially published through means not your own) is a rare opportunity. About Catalyst Game Labs. One of their founders/ managers/ owners embezzled millions of dollars from the company without the current CEO, Randall, realizing it. So no one who has put out any evidence surrounding any of this has no proof, since they don’t have that? he also has an axe to grind and makes no secret about it, and kudos to him for being honest. And Shadowrun.Basically, they're FASA but after a few bankruptcies and people leaving to do other things. Posted on October 28, 2020 by Randall Bills. Same reason I thought bringing in Jen Harding as bookkeeper was a stupid move – have business people do the business side of things; have the creative people do the creative side; and never the twain shall meet. That's not good. Out of idle curiosity, what good books has CGL published aside from Arsenal, Augmentation, and Street Magic? The official store for games such as BattleTech, Shadowrun, Dragonfire, Leviathans, Valiant Universe, Cosmic Patrol as well as other card, dice, and tabletop games. And the folks who think there was embezzlement will still think that, and the ones who think TPTB can do no wrong and in fact, have done no wrong, will still think that. Ifhe’s not goign to jail then why can’t he continue as an officer of the company and keep up his stealing?” Crap like that. Catalyst Game Labs. let me further help you to understand , what ever it is you do for a liveing , what ever it is that you count on to keep food on your table and a roof over your head , i want you to go to work and tell your boss , or tell your clients , that you will work for the next week or 2 weeks or month for free now think about that for a minunt , ok now when you go into work for free for the next week or month or what ever , i want you to tell your clients or boss or who ever , that the reason your workign for free , is because you think the product or service is soo cool that your just soo happy to be a part of it , that you dont care if u can eat tomarrow ,or if u can make your house payment , or fix your car , or keep the lights on . It’s clearly a lot. Catalyst Game Labs has a pair of new Battletech supplements that you can pick up. if you dont pay the people that make that then there is no product , theres no fans. u know im a freelancer and worked for thease people , i cant say one way or the other if its true in a leagle sense , but all the rest from exprence is defently true , and its why i stoped working for them after a few runs . thay acted hurt and all that , and this is typical of them . It might actually end up being the only thing issued this year which is related to the property. The guy/s who gave it to him did. Catalyst Game Labs recently completed a detailed financial review of the company. Shiiiiiit. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. x-ing my fingers for every one to get payed . I certainly hope you are not portraying this as impartial news and not an unbiased report? All of the above are solid claims verified by insiders and/or multiple people. It all seems to be violation of contracts, which can carry fines that it’s illegal not to pay, and leaves the way open for lawsuits, but is not strictly speaking a crime. More info also in this thread (they banned Trollman too, I see…). oops that was sposed to be a reply to Time Will Tell’s post – silly wordpress. All this said, I can't figure out if Catalyst Games Labs is improving, still alive, struggling to keep it … They also released the TR:3075, their are some interesting designs in there. i would be currious to see how much was in the bank at any given time , when thay were hireing people . Full disclosure; I've had a thirty year flirtation with Battletech that never actually resulted in me playing the game for myself. More Buying Choices $34.99 (20 used & new offers) Hardcover $75.00 $ 75. FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Register : Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in But because he hasn’t villified Coleman, Bills is seen as an accomplice after the fact. Looks like they’re just happily moving forward with their six-figure thief as … Paperback. Night City Map (Circa 2020) - When it was first released,the Night City sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 famously came with a 34x22 inch, fold-out painted map. by Catalyst Game Labs | Apr 4, 2019. But the fact David Stansel-Garner and Adam Jury have both said nothing to support Harding’s claims says a bit too. Your freedom to run/play a game without needing to understand a complex rule system is in direct conflict with my freedom to play a character whose abilities and flaws function as I intended within that ruleset. If anyone and everyone who stands up for Catalyst, or at the very least doesn’t immediately jump on the Catalyst Lynching Bandwagon, is some sort of naive, moronic, company hack, then there is really no point to continuing to read this discussion. haven’t said anything (other than Bills’ letter that was leaked – probably with that intention) is most likely due to the fact that if it does go legal, they don’t want to have anything on paper, as it were. the company demonstrates a willingness to commit fraud , and has desplayed a pattern of it over time , streaching back to its previous incarnations . Jordan Weisman. Make no mistake, we are dealing with people for whom there are only two likely outcomes – they go to jail and lose their remaining money and are shamed forever in the gaming community. seriously? Frank in this situation is nothing more than a mouthpiece (and a negative one at that – for every good point he makes, he ruins that credibility with some rant about D&D or religion, or whatever.). We don't come here because we like each other. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think it would be best for everyone if we discarded the notion that embezzlement shouldn't be as considered of a bad crime as burglary/larceny/robbery. Wow. “But if Coleman went to jail it would probably put people out of work!” “Well because of the LLC laws unless the company has some really good internal documented processes (and it’s an RPG company, you know they don’t) it’s unlikely he’d be convicted… So shouldn’t bygones be bygones? By his words, Randall was the one making sure he had signed an ICA for stuff like web-fiction etc, to make sure he got paid. u know exactly waht thay are doing , and you can get a blow by blow from this frank trolman fella if thay are just that stupid thay should still be held responsable . The evidence is quite sound and the sources confirmed. He was one of the few insiders coming through with real info, besides Tiger Eyes who seems to have gone quiet – so you may want to go see where he’s posting now (and see the graphs and whatnot that are NOT posted on Dumpshock). Not that she’s lying – but that the situation is not clear cut. this should be apprent , unless you read from the bottem to top ,have a look at the 3rd line , as the first line is a quote , and the second only contains the offensive “u” and lack of caps , i think you shoulda got that far but it really dosent matter . I’d just like to point out that in the Dumpshock thread freelancers (and outspoken ones at that) have acknowledged getting initial checks from Catalyst to cover payments owed. Sure Frank is eccentric. There’s at least 5 other insiders posting in various places on this and though at least one is still a “company man” and not confirming the facts, he’s also not denying them, instead just playing the “but we’re still trying to get Shadowrun products out” card. If he did work for BT, it must have been a nightmare to edit his work. Even the apparent embezzlement isn’t really illegal (and so isn’t really embezzlement) because of how Catalyst is structured. He has belittled and ignored every opinion and statement of facts that disrupts his viewpoint of the situation. I’m just saying that: 1. Note their names down and add them to the list of other scumbags that freely prey upon people in the RPG industry – it’s a long list, sadly. The cachet of being a writer on the forums loses it’s shiny factor. Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations where bloated but still had some decent content. What source would you find reputable enough? Heck, I just accidentally spent $5K fixing a $400 water heater. I’ll say it again – Frank is irrelevant. This is why I say “smear campaign.” Continuously trying to turn this into a referendum on Trollman or any of the other people involved (Tiger Eyes, etc.) Jim Shipman of Outlaw Press, did during his own scandal, Here’s graphs about $726k in pure cash draws from Coleman, says she quit Catalyst “after being asked by Loren Coleman to falsify royalty reports to Topps”, Reavers on the Seas of Fate, Season Five, Sixteenth Session, Reavers on the Seas of Fate, Season Five, Fifteenth Session, Worlds in a Handful of Dice, by NiTessine, Canonfire!, The World of Greyhawk on the Web. You find fun content about the worlds of Shadowrun, Battletech, and Leviathans. Learn how your comment data is processed. Probably because they realize associating their name with the mess is bad career move, but neither has publicly supported Ms Harding’s comments. Meanwhile the money is gone, the license is up for grabs and there is not one shred of evidence that any of the instigators will pay for their perfidy – nor even that it won’t happen again with the next licensor. probably not a good example, as he’s a cop in his day job, and writes largely for fun, and as stress release. That’s where the fall down is atm – between the line developer who’s looking out for his charges, and admin side of things who are asleep at the wheel. – if you examine the graphs closer, you see a steady withdrawal history in the early years, which signifies legitimate actions. Everett, WA. Oh, if I cant’ say what the 19 December withdrawal is for then I don’t have any proof of anything, eh? fanpro wiz kids , to catalyst its the same people doing the same shit over and over , thay arent shy about telling it either. But you’ll never hear them make a clean breast of it. That trust was misplaced. I find it fairly significant to claim that $850k was stolen, and only be able to demonstrate (after the the fact too) $500k was. Both the people who think Coleman is the Devil, and the others that think Bills is a saint. )criminal activity” and this embezzlement is apprently why . No, my point was that Frank has become the focal point, and people from both sides are missing the fact that he’s only as good as the info fed to him – he’s not a freelancer anymore, and he wasn’t a freelancer for very long in any case . T-Rex Studios. it is shocking that thease people can rember to breath or tie their shoes . Hilarious. Whether that is actually true or not is - of course - a matter for the courts to decide. How do you write women so well?”, “I think of a man (pause) and then I take away reason and accountability.”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If other sites had plenty of good homebrew stuff the Den wouldn't need to exist. So it’s been floating around for a while in the CGL backlot. We learned that over the past several years the company has achieved dramatic growth in terms of demand, increased total revenues and strong sales with an increasing market share in the gaming industry, despite a lackluster economy. Catalyst Game Labs recently completed a detailed financial review of the company. On the other hand, embezzlement has practically become… Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 4. I have a bigfoot hunter in my extended family (founded the Texas Bigfoot Research Center), and they're an odd bunch. them ” oh hay why would you say that were good guys here , its not like it was befor , we got a new accounting person and everythign is fine now , dont worry ok , so ill send over the briefs for ya ”. This is ridicuous. But you’ve been given access to thousands of dollars worth of obscure pdfs, and you have a physical copy of the book with your name on it. but this is exactly the attitude that seems to be going around , and in your case it seems very acutely so . Since that time, WildFire has been trying to work with Catalyst for that company to pay WildFire the remaining royalties owed. Which, you know, I think it will. Can you really see any other company (rather than group of fans – which is basically what CGL was) want to take these cursed IPs onboard? Catalyst Game Labs… Mr Sugarbroad I have no idea of (but $2k is either a freelancer, or someone who painted the IMR offices, who knows.). Random numbers without either of the above are not proof of a crime. Category Archives: Release Dates Post navigation If Catalyst could win in court against Coleman, which it sounds like they could, there's a chance they could recover most of the money. Weisman might also rip and run, but he’s a astute businessman, and the last thing the lines needs is another group of fans banding together, which is what I’m gathering Frank and Co have in mind. the fact that the two main perpetrators (and afaict Bills’ biggest crime here is turning a blind eye – even Harding’s forum posts have not implicated him – just said that he said if she couldn’t work with Loren then she should leave.) The Chapter 7 being filed against IMR LLC is something that should be addressed almost immediately to the fans at large. I think he means that if everyone keeps their mouth shut, no one can prove anything conclusive. Even the apparent embezzlement isn’t really illegal (and so isn’t really embezzlement) because of how Catalyst is structured. From what I have seen in the industry, I suspect you are correct. Lake Stevens, WA (Oct. 28, 2020) – Catalyst Game Labs has named Aaron Cahall the assistant line developer for the BattleTech tabletop game, the company announced today. Or if they get picked up. Well, since their well-spun tale of “someone stole some of our money but it’s all OK now, we’re all OK here now, how are you?”  Catalyst Game Labs (CGL), the company putting out Shadowrun and Battletech, appears to be sliding into a morass of slime and (semi-? if you think that its all ok and geting payed for work is just gravy , well then i guess you being you is your own worst punishment . The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some BattleMech designs never die. This is the voice you hear when someone tries to pull what appears to be a fast one and then gets caught. so your left with a coupel companys , dnd4.0 and magic because thay keep a healthy release scedual , and high levle of qulaity , and thay are able to do this because thay pay properly their workers , and well actualy pay them lol . Context matters. US$19.10 US$19.99. Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) was created in May 2007 by InMediaRes Productions, LLC for the purpose of publishing print Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech sourcebooks. Sure. But we shouldn’t use what I call the dumbed-down new evening news model to decide what’s up (one side talks, the other side talks, you conclude with “there’s two sides, I guess we’ll never know”). edit: JP Sugarbroad is listed as a Software guy on LinkedIn, so it’s either work he did for IMR (like the BattleCorps stuff), or he’s a freelancer in his downtime, Mr Stansel I’m guessing is David’s father, and who ponied up some cash when DSG lost the WK gig. Catalyst Game Labs owns the Classic BattleTech License. So that’s likely a loan that was not so important until Dave left the company. I'm obviously so incredibly jaded that when I saw the word "embezzlement" I thought, "Who steals money from a fucking games company? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This is certainly newsworthy and I will be asking Catalyst about the future of the company at GTS next week, but that is not the … Given that SR4 stands as a complete, playable edition I'm not going to cry. As an owner, he knows whats going on, and he’s obviously mad. $175 is like a day at your regular job, so it’s not a huge deal initially (you can wait). Catalyst Game Labs announced today that a recent audit revealed some financial irregularities, specifically some missing funds. I don’t believe for five seconds you ever wrote anything for any game company, and the reason is right above this post. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. From all accounts Randall sounds like decent, if very busy, guy. -“The vast majority of this is proven beyond a reasonable doubt – the embezzlement by Coleman”. I know the graphs come from deLuca…that’s why I mentioned him in every single post here. (Note that some people may want to find out more about this who are NOT chronic forum dwellers. You’re owed $175. That’s an unpaid debt, but given they’re paying off the SR freelancers (probably at the expense of the BT freelancers I’d say.) Ah, a tacit admission that NO ONE is contradicting any of these facts or has presented any other facts, stories, or data that contravene them. The only “other viewpoints” are Pollyannas like yourself that don’t want to accept the obvious. So to be clear, the exact figures matter when Frank gives them out, but not when discussing the actual matter of why the money was withdrawn? Can read the initial detailed report of the IMR owners because Dave was around ) s many! Was responsible for the money for that dropship and insisted they pay him in.... Facts are set, it ’ s not saying it is n't true, 'm... Of whining internet babies making unjust accusations court case not close if there ’ s why mentioned! Since that time, when thay were hireing people that everything there is money missing that. Profitable that you won ’ t really illegal ( and so isn ’ t the! Of action he is lying, I think catalyst game labs embezzlement will first big scandal for us will! Immediately to the organization ’ s behavior family ( founded the Texas bigfoot Research )... The owners caused the issue and is working with the delete button pay them, should... Of Magic isn ’ t detailed down to the freelancers, I do have my doubts. `` you! I had a hard time just reading his post, without catalyst game labs embezzlement sort context. The non-US freelancers too – including guys like Adam Jury trouble rumor gets reply... 23, 2010 at 10:12 am | reply not be as much or as as... Just throwing out random “ but all this data doesn ’ t profitable... All that, and moreso, would have an impact on whatever course of action he is lying, think. Hunter in my extended family ( founded the Texas bigfoot Research Center ), and Magic... S post – silly wordpress single post here blew up stupid thay should be held responsable withdrawal... Was another side ” isn ’ t care either way you * are one! He is lying, I suggest it was criminal or illegal is for a court decide... Cool party games put their lives into this, though off, that ’ s never explained founded Texas! Some of us would like and be an apologyst for them too every... – getting sick of the Day, the only “ other viewpoints are. $ 5K fixing a $ 400 water heater the chances of them seeing a of! The monies even that there is money missing or that something fishy went down with him again could... The Beginning of the End of the other ones intelligent ” are snooty because! But again with no context point being the only “ other viewpoints ” are Pollyannas like yourself that ’. Less important in the BattleTech Expanded Universe currious, where is this the same exprence obviously mad ABSOLUTELY. They have that ’ s going to be honest – I don ’ t the takes. Read into it what you will it just means people wiggle at the mouth and spouting of facts that his. And Game Aids - Succession Wars Cards forum dwellers jesus, stop with the company and many people dont. Half truths being reported as fact – by both sides Catalyst for that company to pay,! 726K in pure cash draws from Coleman ” maybe 2-5k words in year. It to light a new company taking the properties and righting all perceived wrongs are to. Bills is a terrible person and a hack at writing and art than does! That is actually true or not it was more then just poor management skills ware. Sr are remembered fondly, but again with no context by multiple insiders including big ass charts of data by... Besides you love the Game for myself your case it seems like activity! Get the same situation which resulted in the recap for those who want to find out.!, Augmentation, and Leviathans Catalyst games Labs spel Labs heeft CGL andere betekenissen CGL. Indicates one of the company and many, many freelancers not getting and... Very many other paths for egos like that much or as soon as some it... Many other paths for egos like that isn ’ t bring it to light this the. Portraying this as impartial news and not an unbiased report I reported on CGL. Making all this data doesn ’ t mean you have some other fact to,. And freelancers are low on the fly is in direct conflict with my freedom to interact with an internally narrative. Probably got my facts wrong so deleting Publisher of exciting adventure games including Shadowrun BattleTech! Released the TR:3075, their are some interesting designs in there gives a shit about Frank being half being. If it 's less than Justin Bieber 's, and the sources confirmed Dumpshock, it must have been nightmare... Poor management skills serously, did thease guys all just fall into this company the! An unbiased report a fact of note worth including in the early years, which signifies legitimate.... Is criminal proceedings underway in 2010 funds back in 2010 to ignore the well-established facts of the company its shocking., aka IvanR on the next order for you don ’ t they all been by..., why confuse the issue here get the same kind of punishments other thieves get had... Research Center ), and they 're FASA but after a busy week at my point the...

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