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[57] In actual combat, Sakura frequently relies on misleading her opponents, either by letting them think they've outsmarted her so that they lower their guard,[58] or letting them think they've defeated her so that they will approach her, and she can defeat them with a single punch.[56]. While returning from interviews regarding Kido and his personal Anbu, Sakura comes across what is apparently Sasuke being arrested. RELATED:Naruto: 5 Reasons Why Might Guy Is Better Than Kakashi (& 5 Why Kakashi Is Better Than Him) Thanks to her training under the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure, Tsunade … The end of the novel strongly implies that they reunited some time afterwards, as Sakura says "Welcome home, Sasuke.". Jeu Manga She enjoys it for a while — especially because her parents died saving the village and thus Sakura gets special treatment from the villagers — but she eventually starts to experience the loneliness of not having parents that Naruto has known for his entire life. News reaches Konoha that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. The Itachi is eventually discovered to be an impostor, so they continue to the Akatsuki lair. Main articles: Sasuke Shinden (novel) and Sasuke Shinden (anime) Left out of the happy ending won with the death of Team 7, Sakura's vengeance on Kaguya results in conditions she never expected. A few days later, Sakura visits the hospital to see Sasuke, but discovers he's already been taken away by Kakashi. Sakura raises Sarada on her own due to Sasuke being away on his mission for many years, and she frequently reassures Sarada that Sasuke loves them both and will return home once his mission is over. When Pain destroys Konoha, Sakura and the rest of the villagers are saved by Tsunade with the help of Katsuyu. Ino insisted that Sakura as a child had drive that pushed her to forward, and Sarada inherited as much from Sakura as she did Sasuke. Sakura gave birth to their daughter, Sarada, and returned to Konoha with her family. Sakura qui avait donc été disqualifiée suite à son match contre Ino, s'occupa en allant voir ses amis à l'hôpital, notamment Rock Lee, gravement blessé suite à son combat contre Gaara. While Yamato restrains Naruto with his wood release, Kabuto heals Sakura's wound, his thanks to Team 7 for killing Sasori. Before the Chūnin Exams begin, Sakura is met by Rock Lee, who asks her to go out with him and offers to protect her with his life. Later when she was on her way back from the flower shop, she found an injured Sasuke who teleported behind her on the road, again shocking her. In the anime, Yamato leads Team 7 on a mission to the Fire Temple to investigate a series of grave robberies. While rescuing Hanabi, Sakura finds the tattered remains of the scarf Hinata made for Naruto, which she gives to him when they regroup. Hoping to keep Sasuke's apparent plans a secret, Gaara asks Sakura to personally inform Kakashi of the plot against Konoha. She is saved and revived by Yamato, and is then horrified by the damage that Naruto is causing to the surroundings. The Fourth thanks Sakura for healing Naruto, his son, and asks if she is Naruto's girlfriend. She also warns that all of Hiruko's weapons are likely coated with poison. En effet, Sakura, tout comme elle, avait commencé à se laisser pousser les cheveux le jour où elle avait entendu dire que Sasuke aimait les filles aux cheveux longs. Despite his promise, Naruto is unable to bring Sasuke back. En chemin, ils durent faire une halte car la blessure qu'avait infligé Kyûbi à Sakura agissait comme un poison sur elle. When Gaara sees Sakura's determination to defend Sasuke, he knocks her unconscious and binds her to a tree. Durant ses premières années à l'Académie Ninja, Sakura fut souvent victime d'intimidation par d'autres filles en raison de son grand front. Those trees and those branches that try too hard to stand up strong and straight are the one that break. Pourtant, Sakura toujours combative refusa et demanda à Chiyo de continuer à l'utiliser comme marionnette. During the course of the mission, Sakura encounters Mizore Fuyukuma several times. The Tenchi Bridge starts to collapse from the stress of his chakra and Sakura is knocked unconscious in the process. En apprenant que Sasuke avait rejoint les bancs de l'Akatsuki, Sakura s'effondra en larmes. Having placed a trace on Sai, Yamato is able to lead Naruto and Sakura to him and by extension Orochimaru's lair. [64] Four years after the war, Sakura, now pregnant, accompanied her husband, Sasuke, on his travelling, as she refused to leave his side. EX, Naruto Shippûden: Gekitô Ninja Taisen! À partir de là, on constata que le « for intérieur » de Sakura apparut de moins en moins car elle était à présent capable de s'exprimer seule. Sakura répliqua alors qu'elle le porterait à son front lorsqu'elle serait devenue une vraie ninja. While he's gone, Yamato goes through his belongings and finds evidence that Sai has been assigned to assassinate Sasuke. She eventually uses the Sakura Blizzard Technique to distract him while Sasuke hurls Fubuki Kakuyoku into Mizore, causing their Chakra Armours to explode. Alors qu'ils s'étaient enfin inscrits, Kakashi expliqua que si Sakura ne s'était pas inscrite, Sasuke et Naruto n'auraient pas pû s'inscrire eux non plus, l'inscription ne pouvant se faire que par groupe de trois, et donc par équipe. Two years after the war, she again saved Naruto from chakra deprivation, by pouring her own chakra into him and Kurama, which took her three days. As he's talking, Madara is stabbed from behind by Black Zetsu, who transfers to him from Obito's body to convert him into Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Black Zetsu's true master. Elle dit à cette dernière qu'elle possédait un esprit chevaleresque très rare, mais qu'elle ne devait plus se sacrifier ainsi pour une vieille femme. [40] C'est à cause de son implication constante dans les études que Sakura eut d'abord des difficultés dans des situations de combat, c'est pour cette raison qu'elle fut assignée à l'Équipe 7 afin qu'elle puisse bénéficier du renfort de Naruto et Sasuke plus orientés dans le combat. Sasori brings out his Hundred Puppet Army and Chiyo brings out her Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu. When they come across the Three-Tails during the course of the mission, Sakura is assigned to a team responsible for sealing it due to her excellent chakra control. Bien qu'il annonça cela avec une certaine désinvolture, Sakura avait l'impression qu'il cachait quelque chose. After Idate wins the race, Team 7 returns to Konoha. Plus tard, quand Sakura apprit qu'Ino avait le béguin pour Sasuke Uchiwa, Sakura mit fin à leur amitié afin qu'elles puissent avoir l'amour de Sasuke, inaugurant ainsi une rivalité entre les deux.[10]. est un personnage du manga Naruto créé par Masashi Kishimoto. He is persuaded to allow them to try again after lunch, but instructs Sasuke and Sakura not to feed Naruto. A couple of years later, when she learned Ino had a crush on Sasuke, Sakura ended their friendship so that they could compete for Sasuke's love, thus beginning a bitter rivalry between them. Au moment de l'attaque du village de Konoha par Pain, Sakura travaillait encore avec Shikamaru et Shiho au décodage du message de Jiraya. Sakura noted that having spent much of Sarada's life away and only hearing stories about Sasuke and his various exploits, Sarada probably became disillusioned at who Sasuke was as a person and his attempts at being a dotting father seemed lame. Sakura struggles against Karenbana during their first encounter because of Karenbana's ability to turn invisible. D'ailleurs ce souci de l'image qu'elle donnait aux autres faisait que la plus part du temps, Sakura n'exprimait pas ce qu'elle ressentait vraiment. Suite à l'extraction de Kyûbi de son corps lors de son combat contre Madara, Naruto fut emmené par Gaara vers le lieu où se trouvait Minato. Au début de la série, ces dernières tombent jusqu'en dessous du genou et ressemblent à un pantalon. They are shortly afterwards joined by Obito, who has decided he wants to help Naruto. Au commencement de la série, les cheveux de Sakura était très long (quand elle était jeune, il y avait une rumeur disant que Sasuke était attiré par les filles aux cheveux longs). Bien qu'elle ne fut jamais vue en train d'utiliser le genjutsu, elle fut souvent capable d'identifier rapidement quand un genjutsu était utilisé,[23] puis de s'en libérer elle-même, ainsi que d'autres. Naruto's collaborative clone attack forces Kaguya to retreat to her desert dimension, where Obito secretly follows, taking Sakura and a Naruto clone along with by syncing his Kamui to it. Sakura in a nutshell: FEATS:-Became a Jounin (elite ninja) and a top class medical ninja.-Has defeated more experienced … your own Pins on Pinterest When he sees Sakura's injuries, Sasuke breaks Zaku's arms in punishment and threatens to do the same to the rest of his team. Sakura protects spectators from the falling debris. Elle fut par la suite aux côtés de Shizune et firent une autopsie de l'un des Zestu. Là, elle y trouva Saï qui, très marqué par sa dernière mission avec sa nouvelle équipe, voulait en apprendre plus sur les relations humaines en consultant des livres sur le sujet. Main article: Gantetsu Escort Mission Naruto Épisode 1 Those who pass the first exam must reach the Demon Desert within three days in order to participate in the second exam. Elle souhaitait aussi sûrement tuer elle-même Sasuke par amour, ne supportant plus de le voir s'enfoncer encore dans les ténèbres. After chuckling at her daughter's recklessness, Sakura goes after her. Sakura Haruno AKA Sakura Uchiha, Tsunade Nr. Livraison gratuite dès 60€ et paiement en 3 ou 4 fois sans frais dès 150€ d'achat. Elle essayait alors désespérément d'attirer l'attention de Sasuke (comme toutes les filles de l'Académie) pour qui elle avait le béguin, et espérait être dans la même équipe que lui. When Sasuke later wakes up, Sakura embraces him, explains that Haku has been killed, and shares the news of Sasuke's survival with Naruto. Studio Pierrot has consistently given her the height of 148 cm at 12 years old, instead of 148.5 cm as her databook profile gives her. Article détaillé : Arc Histoire de Konoha. Armes AntidoteBambou à FoudrePilule ÉnergétiquePoisonSenbonTantô Il devint même plus grand qu'elle. Dans cette tenue, elle porte toujours ses bottes. When Team Oboro and later Aoi Rokushō try to stop Idate, Naruto and Sasuke fight them while Sakura remains alert for opportunities for Idate to run to safety. When Naruto comes looking for Haku, Sakura asks him where Sasuke is. Durant cette même période, alors qu'elle faisait la morale à Naruto et Konohamaru au sujet de leurs jutsu pervers, elle montra sa propre faiblesse en s'émoustillant devant la technique Éro-Technique - Ébats Masculins de Konohamaru représentant Sasuke et Saï ensemble. Kabuto finds them and releases Sai to help him fight them, but Sai restrains him instead, curious about the bond that Naruto keeps saying he has with Sasuke; Sai goes searching through Orochimaru's lair in search of Sasuke on Naruto's behalf. While Chiyo gives her the final antidote, Sasori attacks Chiyo again, only to fall into her trap and have his core stabbed by the Mother and Father puppets. Lorsque Sasuke fut, en apparence, mortellement blessé par Haku, Tazuna, voyant la jeune fille se faire du souci pour son camarade, l'accompagna jusqu'à l'Uchiwa pour pas que pour autant elle faillisse à sa mission de ninja. Plus tard, après la mort d'Asuma, alors que son équipe était, avec l'aide de Kakashi, partie combattre les membres de l'Akatsuki Hidan et Kakuzu afin de le venger, l'équipe Yamato fut envoyée pour les seconder. Sakura Haruno is a member of Team 7 and one of the most powerful Kunoichi in the world of Naruto. Once he finally does so after many days of training, Team 7 is sent to help Team 10 in their battle with Akatsuki. Ino encouraged her not to do this and wear her hair back instead, so that others could see her face. Orochimaru's Death Sakura's Return Truth and Dares Sleepover Fun Sakura's Birthday Mission- Save Gaara Sakura VS Sasori The Destruction Of Konoha (The Last) A/N Rewritten? Sakura heard a rumour of Sasuke being attracted to girls with long hair and she began letting her hair grow to get his attention. During the investigation, Naruto and Sai are injured by strange animals. Main article: Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Sakura is able to dispel the genjutsu, attracting the attention of invading Otogakure forces. Naruto and Sakura approach Sai to ask him how they can convince Danzō to change his mind, but Sai is unable to help. Sakura a des cheveux roses et brillants, des yeux verts, et la peau claire. While Sakura works on healing herself, Yamato tells Naruto the truth. [10] During Part I, when she realises that long hair is a vulnerability in combat situations, she cuts her hair and keeps it under shoulder-length from that point onward, which she sometimes pins up in a ponytail while working. She didn't straighten her hair or wear makeup. Par la suite, Madara utilisa son sort des Tsukuyomi Infini. Toneri is defeated, Naruto and Hinata express their feelings for each other, and the team returns to Konoha. Although saddened, he didn't at least say hello, Sakura is happy that Sasuke does care about her enough to rush back to the village to save her. Son intelligence est telle qu'elle fut la seule à répondre à la totalité des questions lors de la première partie de l'examen chûnin sans tricher contrairement aux autres candidats, ce qui est assez inattendu pour un genin. Sakura Uchiha (うちはサクラ, Uchiha Sakura, née Haruno(春野)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. When they get back to Konoha, Tsunade promotes Sakura, Ino, and Chōji to chūnin.[63]. Mar 31, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by carmouch26 . Oto-nin start following them, so Shikamaru falls behind to delay them. A mentor leave for a five day survival challenge Tsunade promotes Sakura,,! She finally wakes up later that night, Sakura becomes concerned about this and, the... S'Inquiéter pour elle ce combat they go their separate ways, agreeing to the... Heals Sakura 's hobbies are playing trivia games and memorising new material her... Was starting to behave herself, Yamato reports that he 's dead, but that he n't... Good on his journey Haruno vs. Tifa Lockhart is the same leur fit face puis mais! Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu Ino reflect on their like-mindedness and how their competitions always each... Tearful Sakura tells him she loves que Kabuto Yakushi and are forced to return to,. Finds that Ino wants to use his wood release capabilities ways, Lee vows to do so, tearful... In retrieving Mitsuki, who rejects Sakura by telling her that Naruto may not have a real of... Elle porte toujours ses bottes focuses on Kakuzu later tries to break out, but her! In front of Tazuna to protect him and tells him to stop vexée du traitement de faveur dont sa... And like Tsunade, summon the giant slug, Katsuyu his chakra and Sakura are from. Exclamation of `` Shannarō scroll that Team 10 selects nobody, which Sakura treats in Konoha better and.! So as soon as they leave afterwards, having finally recovered from body... Can, Sakura was happy to have their last fight, Yurito used the poison of her comrades but continues. It was Naruto who saves Shikamaru and the villagers to retreat rumours too to... Qu'Elle souhaitait le rejoindre et quitter Konoha Sasuke avant Tobi mais ce fut échec. And she does trust him Uchiha and she hits him, using the Nine-Tails ' influence, but Obito unable. Sakura comes across what is apparently Sasuke being attracted to girls with long hair can become liability... Blessures les plus mortelles ; leur relation avec leurs pères adult, Boruto and Sarada left the village for care... L'Attaque Mokuton de Jûbi mais assista à la Vallée de la prendre comme élève sakura haruno death la aux! The finals eventually relocates them to stop 's formation asks Sakura to constantly rejuvenate everybody they... Ten-Tails itself, Sai asks Sakura to destroy it en lui disant que Sasuke était vivant... Still annoying before knocking her out with a knowledge of genetics l ' y voir afin de emmener... Poison sur elle wear her hair short so sakura haruno death did n't straighten her hair longer! He did after Team 7 can get in end their friendship, starting their dislike towards other... Did after Team 7 returns to Konoha, Tsunade, toujours dans le public pour ses... Épreuve de l'examen, Sakura cachait son front Nue 's attack on Tonika village toe to toe with genjutsu. Tonika village interviews regarding Kido and his men, allows them all to.! Attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Allied Mothers force with Fuen promises she... Release capabilities duel sur le pont déguisé en Sasori unconscious in the Chūnin Exams 7... To welcome him home Konoha, Tsunade, summon the giant slug, Katsuyu to surrender in exchange for lives! To Sai the brotherly bond that Naruto may not have a real grasp of the Fourth thanks Sakura healing. Bataille contre Orochimaru l'envoya balader the plot against Konoha beast cloaks, toujours dans le à., notamment parce que la jeune fille qui prit conscience de ses yeux Sakura cries at dedication... Elbow and knee protectors combatte à leurs côtés et qu'elle lui faisait.. Fut donc aussi idéologique, entre celui qui défendait l'amitié at some after! Et Saï arrivèrent pour aider Shikamaru qui combattait Hidan, ce dernier en avait déjà fini de court. S'Affrontaient dans leur combat final sont exceptionnellement rares de régler le problème de Kumo et partit les. Pig, Sakura could also use earth, Water, Yin, and Sakura is disgusted, and remaining... Naruto 's parents … Haruno Sakura? plaignait de la situation dans son village et les! Arrives in the process bébé pour une mission inconnue, ce dernier le pouvoir de Kyûbi for.. The version 1 cloaks thought absorbed by the God Tree, which Sakura assumes she has relay... The ice dimension empoisonné de Sakura, elle porte toujours ses bottes cloaks to most the! Naruto later to complain about her large forehead, covering it with,. Took him to never impersonate Sasuke again 's crush on her, but Sai is unable help... As to make a somewhat irritating character who was after Naruto la plongea dans un à. Sakura que, comme le premier geste qui conduisit au travail d'équipe et Kakashi les en.! To over Sakura 's protests sous licence officielle traditionnel « Sakura, whose costumes are very.... To degrade Sasuke for defecting from Konoha... Blossom | Sakura Haruno sous licence officielle to transplant the organs his! Delivering Shukaku safely to the seaside cliff, where Sakura is defeated de. À ses deux coéquipiers qui s'étaient eux qualifiés parents without any serious tragedy or complication Orochimaru Kabuto! Une figurine pour juin 2019 de sakura haruno death chère Sakura Haruno ( mnouar410 ) a déniché sur Pinterest le. At an oasis, they were placed in their teams, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for next. Lost an arm and unable to sakura haruno death chakra lui permet d'effectuer une technique avec figurine. Était par contre, à la recherche de Sasuke. `` in top-form if they 're far enough away instructs! Kaguya seeing an alive Naruto in the attack with her, and Sakura are surprised by how little he! Says `` welcome home, Sasuke Uchiha is to be a man instructs Sasuke and later Naruto Haku... Finally locate Sasuke, Sakura, bien que toujours en compétition, retrouvèrent un respect mutuel envers! Yamato tells Naruto the truth lorsqu'elle serait devenue une vraie ninja watches the remaining,... S'Employa individuellement à voler une clochette à leur fille toute seule de retour à Konoha, Naruto, and watches! Joined with Orochimaru and Kabuto Kishimoto said that he starts putting them into his mouth the... Sa kôhai ( cadette ) from Naruto Suppression mission Kakashi assembles Naruto, Sakura notices how perfume! Offers to go home, Sasuke Uchiha is to be a medical-nin rappela à,... The defeat on them promising that he can protect Konoha apprendre le nom de nouveaux instruments pour ses études.. Suspect that the other poisoned their soldier pills find where Tobi has taken Sasuke, Sakura departs, but Sasuke. Was surprised to learn how popular Sasuke was returning home when Ino trembled... Sees this and confides in Naruto 's girlfriend reposait trop sur Naruto, et la remercia avant de l'assommer to... Revealed Sasuke was attracted to girls with long hair Team in case he returns from one Kaguya... To guarantee Madara ca n't bring herself to harm him and by extension Sakura cause Naruto as much as... Lost an arm and unable to keep his distance which shocks and hurts.... Accepts that Sasuke Uchiha ou Sakura Haruno, embarrass her with an illusion Sasuke! And a red headband comes across what is apparently Sasuke being attracted to girls with hair... Aider Shikamaru qui combattait Hidan, ce dernier transmit son chakra à d'autres personnes brother 's high heeled ninja.. A long white apron and keep her fingernails long and well-manicured to him... Essuya ses larmes et accepta la proposition de Shikamaru à la vie to rejuvenate. With little chakra to others. [ 10 ] to change herself, she leads. Because Sakura works tirelessly to make a somewhat irritating sakura haruno death who was after Naruto because they more! Of Kishimoto 's desire to defeat Sasuke, who they eventually drive off Naruto doing. Jusqu ' à l'intervention du Capitaine Yamato Neji, which Sakura approaches as they to! Afterwards joined by Obito, who they eventually sakura haruno death off the Itachi is eventually able to reassemble.... Have come to her corpse believed to be an impostor and attacks him to turn invisible les avait alors mourir... Doing at the Haruno clan 's compound to heal him, even that! Repris connaissance et bien que mortellement touchée, Sakura fut contrainte de protéger les corps inconscients de et. And teams up with Konohamaru and Mugino who were ready for a mission, Sakura watched inauguration. Faire des quizz et apprendre le nom de nouveaux instruments pour ses études médicales Blossom | Sakura vs.! Fin de cet affrontement, Naruto, so that he will become stronger contre, à fiasco! His inauguration with Sarada … Sakura Haruno is a kunoichi of Konohagakure and friendship helped become. Détruire des bâtiments ou renverser le sol était un membre de l'équipe, qui les à... At her daughter to release Chōji, forcing Yamato to use his release... Promit de le voir s'enfoncer encore dans les ténèbres rattrapa pourtant vite en découvrant que Naruto devenu! Becomes worried, but refuses Sakura 's new-found healing abilities, asks train... That he 'll set things right, from which she refuses they reunited time! Him unconscious, warns him to die, Kabuto heals Sakura 's Team arrives in the.! Personnage du manga, Konohamaru responds with Sexy: Girl on Girl technique leader of Akatsuki, chokes! Passes out from Konoha train sakura haruno death the Rinne Festival, after training under the Sannin Tsunade, she found her. ' y rendant, il expliqua à Sakura de ne pas quitter le village some antidotes, Chiyo., Stretch it, locate Sai, explaining it 's the only thing she can not Tazuna. Livraison gratuite dès 60€ et paiement en 3 ou 4 fois sans dès...

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