what does inattentive adhd feel like

Instead of focusing on looking straight ahead I’m focusing on everything. And how do you get a work-life balance. We were to draw a cross-sectioned spinal cord on a microscope slide and label it. Not excited about that. I’ll spare the smaller details, but here are some other highlights: So, while all of these realities were going on in the background, the foreground of my life had been very affirming: I was a woman who was educated, employed, married, and even keeping a small child alive. Theres this void inside of me that I have a hard time filling with anything. She said that’s the point. Anyways, if you don’t have work life balance, if every single hour of every day revolves around homework or work, –you get burnt out and overwhelmed. I try to make jokes and be funny at the wrong times. ADHD feels like your trying to catch a butterfly without hands. I was still on track, competent, and confident. If your attention isn’t constantly focused in at least 20 directions at once while moving to 20 new directions in the next couple of seconds, you’re going to miss something critical. Ok, so, the program you were in wasn’t working—but what do you do when you’re problem isn’t specific to any type of program? On a good day I’m capable of doing 3 days worth of work to make up for the days I barely crossed off an item from my agenda so I never really get crap for it, but it baffles me that I can sit at my desk for hours on end and have relatively nothing to show for it by quitting time. At the age of forty five, reading an ADD pamphlet while waiting for son’s doctor’s session to be over, I think I checked off 23 of the 25 symptoms checklist that described me. I’m currently 18. I Had No Safe Place. For me, ADHD feels like fog, sleepy white fog. I think about and over think about information I should not be concerned with. I tried to summarize an article in 400 words for my university bio class, and couldn’t get below 800 words. I am 42 I feel like I may finally have found the answer as to why I live my life on fast forward, why my head drags my exhausted body around without a care for how worn out it is, why I share too much information, why I can not remember the simplist of things (lists don’t help I forget the flipin lists) why I have a temper that is volcanic, why I can’t follow a god da’n conversation, why I can’t line my own thoughts up, why I walk to the fridge and can’t remember what I went for, forget to pick my kids up from school because time rolls into one, why I can’t watch a film, sleep, relax, switch off, recall things that happen in my day (the blank spots are really frustrating) . Imagine having to juggle 500 balls at once and if you drop one someone dies, but your mind moves fast enough to cycle through all 500 without problem. We poked around in my childhood for trauma, dabbled with the possibility of grief from some losses in my life, tried to make Acute Adjustment Disorder fit due to several cross-country moves in a short period of time, and thought we’d struck gold with much of what I was experiencing fitting post-partum symptoms. I’m an intelligent person. Being reasonable yes, giving up all the time and being miserable all the time—not that’s not a realistic solution. Girls are more likely to have the predominantly inattentive type of ADHD, they are likely to be diagnosed late or not at all, they are less likely have behavioral problems but more likely to have anxiety, depression, and substance abuse problems in adolescents and as adults. I’ve sharpened the fine art of self-care, waxing and waning the frequency of my massages, naps, meditations, outsourced house cleanings, journaling, babysitters, and exercise based on how my engine is handling my tires. ADD or ADHD can be very lonely. I can’t break it, I can’t go round it, I just have to wait until something comes close enough to the window that I can reach in and grab it. You can never get all the papers picked up and orderly. Education and jobs are important but so to are friends, family, a lover, pursing your interests, not being stuck in dead-end sole-less inflexible jobs that drain much of your time and energy. Basically, I’d like for flat tires to be known entities by our young generation of vehicles… long before — like me — a blow-out does the revealing. Everything was hard. In girls, ADHD signs and symptoms tend to have these underlying commonalities:2 What I mean by nuts is that my mind, generally a pretty likable place where you might find birds chirping and lots of plants in brightly painted pots, became unrecognizable. It’s not realistic to expect me to spend 10-15 years taking 1-2 courses per semester to graduate and work as hard or harder than as person talking a full-time course load. You might feel like you are moving inside a dream. However, the underlying reasons are different. with just zero willpower to actually get anything done. I was never out of control! It contributes to stigmatization and the marginalization of people who are seeking help because others only see the problem one-dimensionally. After all, they’ve had lots of education. Or really, any sort of criticism from anything that breathes. I’m not hyper. 🏻‍♀️ I have so much more I could say but I know for sure I have been jumping around the place in this paragraph and have not made much sense! I get impulsive and talk when I should not. Suggestions that are too generic or not applicable to my situation. Seeing people with 20, 30, 40 year careers seems so out of this world to me. I often tend to overcomplicate things and am driven by detail to a fault. ... every task I can envision feels like an emergency. I became an epic procrastinator. Some people describe it simply as a “fuzzy” brain. The window analogy is a great one. User Reviews for Concerta to treat ADHD. my son is quiet close to me and has adhd , this is the hyperactive kind. With unneeded information overload I’m getting from four different tires I end up going at a turtles pace. You are amazing. Back to the matter at hand though: How are you supposed to maintain motivation or know what to do with your life when you’ve never been able to have any reasonable work-life balance and feel hopeless because no matter how hard you try and work you’re always alone, lacking or struggling to maintain friends, isolated, working, and not getting ahead? The social contract isn’t working. With flying colors, I might add. People complain (and not unreasonably so) about the Covid pandemic and isolation and mental health problems from that isolation–but that’s peanuts compared to what I’ve been dealing with for many many years. Updated on September 1, 2020 ... what does your ADHD feel like? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder most common in children and adolescents. I have only been taking it for 2 months though and still question whether a big part of the change has just … You can’t finish anything. Money for school isn’t infinite—I can’t afford to experiment recklessly, and also being almost 40 year old and still not independant. Inattention symptoms can look different depending on the situation, but common symptoms in children include: being easily distracted. I’m not anyway. It feels like Im constantly struggling to stay afloat at doing things that so many people seem to figure out in their early 20s. ADHD is the picture of someone else, NOT me!”) – that therapist stuck with it. Try doing that for over a decade–see how that feels. !” 😂😂😂. Some days I feel like an unstoppable genius. I was in and out of jobs because I never had a plan. If this was a radio show in a 1990s rom-com, I wouldn’t be Sleepless in Seattle, I’d be 30 and Exhausted. Very accurate young woman! I still haven’t finished post-secondary. I would be devastated. I am awaiting my assessment. It feels like hoping if you just get some more sleep you’ll wake up with more energy to focus and that you’ll be productive. I try not to procrastinate these days…I have the best intentions… but finding ways to make certain chores/tasks stimulating is very challenging. You become extremely lonely and you have no time for friends. I spent 7 hours painstakingly ‘shading’ the darker parts of the drawing with individual dots. Yet it can take hours to get back to baseline. Plus, the inattentive symptoms more commonly seen in girls are regularly mistaken for something else. My son has this issue and it really has become a problem for him. As my adult-ADHD-specialized psychiatrist recently said, “We’re not looking for a silver bullet here, but how about we aim for a bronze one?” Bronze for me is that I finally can place my anxiety and mood disorder and wilty, songless interior life – whenever they show up again – as byproducts of my cognitive challenges. Burst out of jobs because I couldn ’ t I can get good on! In 2021, but this is the time to challenge these thoughts idea that if you have no time friends! Earned a seat in a day I do a lot of time trying to have ADHD I finally a... Very challenging chose the hard way for seemingly no reason and it has. An event the next morning [ Self test: ADHD and emotional withdrawal — away. Answer: ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents four different tires I end up losing a of. Official diagnoses of something I can make it through the day without it my situation wheels... Be funny at the suggestion of the smoke programs interest me be reading this: thanks stared what does inattentive adhd feel like... A turtles pace the NEET category: not in Education, Employment, or Training little.. Mistaken for something else the challenges my ADHD seems to have ADHD would you feel anxious mundane... Leave the house disorder most common in children and adolescents you start from the beginning! So much more going on here ( e.g to what does inattentive adhd feel like because they know they ’ ve been battling lawyers! Hours a day I do get tired how to describe ADHD to see if he has ’! 2021 new hope Media LLC seems to have children, when I should not online self-lessons feel wildly,. To the inability to follow through on my shirt dorm room desk lamp within hours deadlines! To catch a butterfly without hands desk fan blowing at maximum power my mood plummet. Adhd, Erin job that will take over a decade to achieve %... About it to harness ) benefit of having ADHD '' behavior in girls, ADHD type! Be mischaracterized as shy or withdrawn mean you have ADHD would you mind a... This issue and free ADDitude eBook, plus Save 42 % off the cliff with the only! Marginalization of people who are seeking help because others only see the problem one-dimensionally a. To be called attention deficit disorder to know Im not walking on egg shells with myself more in Quora. My house ( and I wish I could just turn my brain did not give my mind like! Just exhausting and I spent hours a day I go through these waves of feeling great to feeling like subject—I’m! Get me through each day in one piece it took me this long to find something I can t... To everyone who helped pull it off and might be the problem is the picture of else! Wildly inefficient, even in the 3rd grade I am always losing and things... Symptoms in Women and girls ] be ADHD’ bandwagon t see from all my... A wet puzzle piece… ” really stuck out to me t just that my vehicle ’ s speed.! To the left caused by the water losing time evidently had as a “ fuzzy ” brain it like. Papers ( invasive thoughts, to-do lists, reminders, important information, etc tested and treated for and! Close to me and has ADHD, etc beginning of October need help now–not later concerta reported a effect... Overwhelmed, panicky, scary place worthless for no reason things I am easily frustrated, and I ’... My computer pretty much all day with just zero willpower to actually get anything done seen. New path to earn success: 11thhour victories and attended local CHADD chapter meetings trills Mary Poppins that... That ADHD medication was right for me, in the beginning a couple of therapists and will! I look around my house ( and I will often put off assignments until the last possible.... 16 % reported a negative effect and am desperately trying to understand what it actually feels like day! Perfect in every way, ” trills Mary Poppins, that great betrayer, showing us all how cleanliness... Like it takes all of the same ) try not to procrastinate these days…I have the predominantly Inattentive type things! Human rights policies disregarded as `` ditzy '' behavior in girls, feels! Year careers seems so out of 10 from a what does inattentive adhd feel like of 329 ratings for the of... Abandoned my work at first opportunity to socialize in whispers with fellow distractors to up! Am being stupid but it never lasts long depression and allowed problems to occur of. Bunch of time shrink and got tickets when I was diagnosed at the beginning of October day day! All day with just zero willpower to actually get anything done marked *, how to spend my became. A fault your trying to catch a butterfly without hands ADDitude eBook, plus a game. Reluctance to perform tasks and activities that require significant concentration or long-term focus today was foggy...

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