pleco eating cucumber

Plecos bring unique characteristics to an aquarium. Hypostomus plecostomus is prevalent in tropical waters of central and South America, in Amazon River basin (Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad). An adult bristlenose pleco and young bristlenose plecos eating zucchini. Try putting a slice of courgette (unpeeled and raw) skewered by a fork to make it sink and leave it over night. Rubber lip plecos (Chaetostoma milesi) are a freshwater fish that come from South America. How much woukd a 55-75 gal tank cost at pet store. The problem with Cucumber is there is not much Nutrients in it as it is more Water Based get zuccini instead, I had a Plec a few years back and it loved Cucumber I only put it in as a treat maybe about 1nce per week. Bristlenose Plecos secrete slime or mucus from their skin that helps them become slim, active and move faster in water. Plecos … A pleco cannot really survive and be healthy on algae alone. Pleco. the glass ones. Remember to take any left of food or vegetables out of the tank within a day of feeding them to avoid them starting to deteriorate and affect the water conditions. dont leave the food more than 12-24 hours or it will foul the water, By entering this site you declare I have got a bristlenose pleco which I got about 2 weeks ago. Plecostomus LOVE cucumber! They did not like the apple, banana, or honeydew melon that I put in there. They can survive in many different conditions; and surprisingly even in harsh conditions. Plecos are nocturnal and naturally shy and he will feel more comfortable investigating at night. Plecos are omnivores, meaning they need meat as well as vegetables. Plecos are a great addition to your aquarium to help keep it algae-free. i need to buy a bigger tank thats why for my pleco. JavaScript is disabled. you read and agreed to the. Some are little more messy than others , like the melons because of the water content. Most will also happily eat squash, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, peas, spinach, lettuce and broccoli. Lastly, note that, if your tank has live plants, plecos may uproot or eat them. I don't know of any veggie or fruit that will hurt your fish. i mean would it make my water go funny. I try to feed them veggies and fruits a couple times a week. I recently discovered that they can actually eat Cucumber. ... Zucchini/Courgette Cucumber Peas (deshelled) Sweet Potato Green Beans Melon/Melon rind. How often should I feed cucumber to my rubber lipped pleco? Do you remove the rind? 300 to 350 gal in all. However, they have been found in smaller rivers and streams that tie in with these larger rivers as well. They do not eat algae and will thrive on meaty meals like brine shrimp and bloodworms. To make it easier for your fish to eat vegetables, make sure to give them a quick boil to soften them. Plecos are known for being suckers, janitor fish, and poo-eating aquatic creatures. Mine love broccoli stems, peas, and even slices carrots. So I've made a diy cucumber feed that let's the cucumber float in the aquarium ruffly 2-4 inches of the ground. was going to try it with a bit of apple tonight as ive read they like apples. Can live in various conditions of tropical forests. My pleco will just eat it, go away, eat it, go away, eat it. The white flesh is just empty calories and some vitamins. Yes. Zucchini is better. Yes. How long does it take for a pleco to reach full size? why isnt my pleco eating cucumber? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. OTHER VEGETABLES AND FRUIT. Please help! When the pleco is done feeding, remove the vegetables from the aquarium to prevent dirtying the water. 27 to 35 tanks from 5 to 55 gallon fresh water tanks. Chop them all into small pieces, then blend them together. I think these fish have more character in terms of interesting behaviour. Some plecos actually LIKE eating the green skin, that where most of the nutrients are. These rivers undergo a fair amount of change during the rainy season. And how long should the cucumber stay in the tank for??? Additionally, you can treat your plecos with the occasional raw cucumber or zucchini one or two times each week. 4 species of spawning Corydoras, & some Bristle nose Plecos. Pleco 101: Types of plecos, what to feed them and how to breed them. So far they have liked zucchini, blanched spinach and cucumber. Not in the sense that they eat grass, but in the sense that they are, in their natural habitat, eating more or less continuously. You can try them with Fruit also, any fruit … No. The best vegetables to blanch or steam are zucchini, squash, cucumbers (remove seeds), lima beans, peas (shell before serving), broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and spinach. How big can arrowana's get i might want to keep one when i buy the bigger tank and how much do they cost when they small? While they consume most foods, it is highly suggested to provide them with algae pellets or those that were exclusively manufactured as sinking pellets. Always anchor any raw vegetables you feed your plecos to the floor of the tank. You're supposed to SINK the cucumber. They're slow and sluggish and prefer to stick to the bottom. Plecos can eat many of the same vegetables that humans eat. Your discus eat in the dark? Leave the cukes in for 8-10 hours. So, overall, it looks like green beans beat out zucchini in terms of nutrition. Does it need to be bla... Can i feed cucumber to guppies, platys, swortails, and ottos? About 1.5 years depending on diet, tank size and a panoply of other factors. :/ You're supposed to SINK the cucumber. Does pleco need an air pump? I ... Should i feed my neon tetras any veg, such as celary or cucumber? Such unexpected adaptability to completely different environmental conditions was developed by the fish during its evolution and thus guaranteed that the fi… You can feed your plecos a wide range of blanched vegetables, including carrots, salad, cucumbers. The vegetables can be raw or blanched, but do not use pieces that were cooked with any oils or seasonings. I washed it under warm water for ruffly 10 seconds. A Pleco's natural diet is decaying fruits and vegetables that fall into their rivers. (Note that most plecos won't eat carrot, but the wood chewers like clown pleco.) In your tank, Plecos eat almost any fresh (blanched if it's too hard) Fruit or Veggie, and the real stuff fills them up (wafers give them nutritionally what they need, but they will always feel starving). This means that they want to have at least some food all the time. Snowball Pleco care is great for beginning aquarists or anyone who doesn’t want a … Here’s a recipe that you can easily prepare at home within 30 minutes, without any special knowledge: Get some spinach, peas, cucumber, shrimp and crab. However, as always, make sure you remove any leftover vegetables from the tank within a day of feeding them, as to … A pleco is not built for swimming up to the surface since its armour plating is so heavy. I prepared the cucumber by cutting of all the hard green bits so its just the light soft stuff left. I shall have to stick to tinned fish, more is the pity. That would be why I have no intention of eating them. They're slow and sluggish and prefer to stick to the bottom. Hello I have 2 plecos and I'm kind of concerned about what they are eating. Only one light on, in a separate room, so its dark - I can just make them out. The cucumber just floats on the top and my pleco can't find it. Rubber Lip plecos love eating: Zucchini (preferably fresh) Spinach; Romaine lettuce; Spirulina; Peas; Cucumber; Seaweed algae sheets; Algae Wafers; Their diet should be almost entirely plant-based. Courgettes is what I hear for zuchinnI from my UK friends. After the newly-hatched fish eat their egg sacs, provide baby brine shrimp and blanched vegetables for food. It may take him a while to realise it's food and get used to it but he will eventually. I have three bristlenose plecos in my 90g. Spawning mostly Killies, Live bearers, American & west African Cichlids, Pencil fish. Conclusion. I have it a moderately slic... How long will it take my baby bristlenose pleco to grow 3 inches???? They eat algae, algae wafers, zucchini, squash, cucumber, earthworms, shrimp, and more. Can a pleco live in a fishbowl? John Oh, they sure do. Unlike other plecos, the zebra pleco takes protein-rich foods. Here's the best picture I can get so far, but he's pretty much eaten it all, he likes the clip. :/. How do i get my Pleco to start eating cucumber? Offer your bristlenose a daily mix of sinking algae wafers, spirulina pellets and/or freshly blanched veggies like peas, cucumbers, zucchini and spinach. Plecos are algae-eaters, but your home aquarium won’t provide enough algae to keep your pleco full. Plecos love algae waffers. No. Can I put a cucumber in the tank for my betta and my apple snail to eat? i dont know if they can eat it or not. Other common names for this fish are the rubber lipped pleco and the rubbernose pleco. It also takes time for a plec to recognise the cuke as food. Why isn't my pleco interested in it and can I make him interested. That said pleco love veggies, and throwing in veggies helps with a balanced diet. This is a list of vegetables and fruit that are fine to feed plus other tips on feeding. Lightly steaming is also acceptable, and may actually be preferred for certain hard vegetables. For example, you can put small pieces of zucchini, cucumber and squash in a tank and expect a delighted plecostomus. Your catfish will also eat scraps left by your other fish, and once a week you can offer a small protein treat like brine shrimp, Daphnia or shrimp eggs. Zucchini is another great food but you need a way to sink it. How do I get the cucumber to sink to the bottom ?? many than... Can you feed snails cold cucumber from the fridge? Fish Lore's aquarium forum - aquarium hobbyists helping hobbyists since 2005! Check this guy out, munching away. it tried a strawberry for the first time this morning and enjoyed that, and it usually eats cucumber. How often do I need to feed my 3 sucker fish using cucumber an... Can I feed my plec cucumber and how long do I leave it in for? Many people ask ' What do I feed my pleco'. PS- The way to determine if a pleco is eating is: Most people think of the common pleco when considering this species, but they are smaller fish that will also clean your tank. But it's well worth the clean - up to see them eat. This is one of my Pleco's eating a cucumber I regularly put in the tank. They are too big for that kind of aquarium. I put a cucumber in my tank for my adorable little pleco a few days ago. Some plecos actually LIKE eating the green skin, that where most of the nutrients are. Zucchini, Cucumber, Broccoli, Peas, Spinach and Romaine Lettuce are just a few examples of the foods that Bristlenose Plecos love to feed on. You’ll need to feed plecos algae wafers too. Since plecos are omnivores, preparing food for them is quite simple. Cucumber is one of the things they can and will happily eat, but it's not one of the most nutritious options. Conclusion. Last night I put a piece of papaya in the tank and was amazed this morning to find it eaten all the way down to the peel. Courgette is much better than cucumber as cucumber is bascially just water with hardly any nutritional value. Whoever first had the idea of giving cucumber to, Yep they L-O-V-E that cuc and zuchinnI Top and bottom. I had algae in the tank a month ago but now I'm not seeing much so I started putting in algae tablets for them. He is 4" and I ... How do you prepare cucumber? Will plecos eat live plants? I have never seen a Pleco eating a cucumber, only zuccini. Temperature, water levels, and various param… i hit upon frozen peas, soaked for a couple of minutes in warm water and then drained, epidermis easily (My pleco won't devour an … I seen a photo somewhere around here of somebodies pleco eating cucumber on the botttom of the tank. This species can primarily be found in the Magdalena River in Columbia and the Apure River in Venezuela. I was worried the metal bit would rust but I don't really leave it in there for too long so fingers crossed am not actually slowly heavy-metal-poisoning my fish trying to give them a treat! Cucumber chunks besides as peas are solid for a pleco. Can't remember who gave me the idea of weighing the cucumber down with aquatic plant weights , but what a great idea! They love eating both boiled and raw vegetables and other herbs. These foods will provide them with the necessary nutrients to facilitate growth. The male Bristlenose Pleco takes the responsibility of safeguarding their … Index, Forum. However, while zucchini might not be as nutritious as green beans, I find that it can be less messy in the aquarium. They look all settled down and sleeping, then I drop the plecos' wafers in, and a few of them attack them. The fish dwells in oxygen-rich lotic waters and in brackish waters of river estuaries. Here and there you can drop them some meat though, but don’t overdo it. They’ll eat almost any fish food that drops to the bottom, but this can’t be their entire diet. The white flesh is just empty calories and some vitamins. They can eat freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex worm, or brine shrimp. Do plecos eat the poop of other fish in the aquarium? A pleco is not built for swimming up to the surface since its armour plating is so heavy. A few examples of things you could try are, parboiled lettuce or cabbage leaves, carrots, cucumber or peas. The pleco, or plecostomus, is a type of catfish often housed in aquariums. i put it on a wooden clip for it to eat but it hasnt even touched it.

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