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As the yarn passes through the chamber it is steamed and dried, then wound on a cone. Fiber Mill Price List. Custom Fiber Processing. Please phone for pricing Pricing and Orders Prices and Guarantee How to Place an Order Order Form. If you are not happy with the end product, and we cannot resolve the issue, we will buy back your fiber (at raw fiber price) and refund the finishing fee. The Carder is the heart of a fiber mill. Washing - 16 lbs x $8.50 = $136.00. Carding: The carder is the heart of the mill. Felting is the process of interlocking fibers with each other to create a durable mat of material. This can be a single fleece or multiple fleeces combined to be processed together. It also removes coarse guard hairs, thereby improving the quality and value of your output and improving the softness. Your fiber now weighs less after washing, picking  separating and carding so VFM&S will weigh the final product to determine the Finish Weight. Fiber Separating / Dehairing. Add $2/lb. Upcoming Events. While we highly recommend this step, a customer may opt out of it. You must be on the schedule to submit fiber. Pricing will not be changed for orders already under contract.• We do not have a minimum amount of fiber we will process, however – the minimum charge is for 3 pounds. Extra Picking $2.50/lb. This step is important and to ensure consistent quality in the end product, VFM&S needs to manage this process. Contact us to discuss your washing process. Drawframe: Several rovings pass through the drawframe at once and, with a brushing action, the drawframe further aligns the fibers. For current information regarding open production cycles, please check out the News page. Additional fee for fine wools and exotic fibers: $2.00: Finer fibers typically 25 microns and below such as Cormo, Merino, alpaca, llama, goat, rabbit and dog fiber. New Policies: Currently we are not excepting any raw fiber orders at this time. Fiber will be shipped on cones unless otherwise ordered for skeins. This cleaning process gently tosses the fleece around inside of a wire cage, allowing the dirt to get knocked out of the fleece and fall to the ground. Mar 08. VIRTUAL PPI Awards 2021. Any blending with fiber call for pricing. Picking/Opening: Regardless of your end product, all fiber goes through the picker which removes any tangles and opens the individual locks. Fiber blending, tweeds and novelty yarns + add in material cost + 15%; Sock yarn (for further manufacturing) $3.00/lb. . Complicated pricing systems for fiber processing drove us mad. We manufacture Fiber Rolls, De-Watering Bags, Silt Fence, Polypropylene & Burlap sandbags, Jute Netting, Wood Stakes, Staples, and more. Extra Wash (greasy and/or very dirty fiber): $5/lb. If there is a balance owing on finished product after 60 days from completion of processing, the finished product becomes the property of Legacy Lane Fiber Mill. Blending (Fiber provided by Willow Creek Fiber Mill) Call for pricing. But many are beginning to wake up to the true cost of fashion and artisan fiber mills are helping to further this positive change in the marketplace. In the last decade, the number of artisan mills has easily doubled. 185 Adams Road We really recommend sending enough fiber for at least 4 lb per batch after washing. Mar 10. Check back for updates. Pricing and Orders Fleece Preparation Contact Thank you for choosing our mill to process your fiber. + add in material cost; Rug yarn w/cotton core $18.00/lb. Mistakes happen from mechanical malfunction, miscommunication, or human error. Washing / skein winding: $1.00 each. Wool for blending - 4.27 lbs x $15.00 = $64.05. © 2021 Vermont Fiber Mill • 185 Adams Road, Brandon VT 05733 • 802.236.9158 •, Vermont Fiber Mill - Fiber Processing in Brandon, VT. Products and Services. Batts: Batts are generally 24” x 48” and are used in this form or further processed into felt. VIRTUAL European Conference 2021. Included in the price of roving, yarn, and felt. The Mill strives to provide you with the best possible service. • Posted prices are subject to change without notice. Check back for updates. If you want the fallout from the carding process returned to you, please indicate this in the Add’l Information section on the Work Order form. Includes○ Skirting○ Tumbling○ Washing○ Carding to Cloud○ Carding to Roving○ Carding to Batt •This is based on incoming weight, and is non-refundable••If you are only wanting cloud or roving, this is your total fee, Includes○ Pindrafting○ Spinning (Any size above Fingering)○ Plying (1, 2, 3 Ply)○ Skein Winding○ Cone Winding•This is based on finished weight, ○ Skirting (more than 20 minutes) $22/hr○ Fingering Weight & below $24/lb○ Cones $0.50/ea○ Dyeing $10/lb (min of 2lb per colorway)○ Dye Setup $25.00/color○ Blending $2/lb (supplied with YOUR fiber)••Contact us for Mill provided blending options and current market pricing. we do not do “wash only” jobs. Wool. Since we are the mill, the price is competitive amongst others in the industry. • We have a $25 fee for returned checks.• Outstanding accounts will be assessed 1.5% fee per month, on amounts past due over 30 days. Head to the Store Locator to Support your local Alpaca Business! We do not process CVM, Navajo-Churro, Icelandic, raw merino as well as other fine or long wools, or cashmere but can recommend mills who do. Processing into a 75% llama / 25% wool blend. We offer wool processing in the Northern California Fibershed and beyond. The pricing model for our services is based on the weight of the fiber at three different stages during the process. We realize how this affects our customers, so we have kept it to a minimum. This is a great use for “seconds” or clean “thirds”. Fiber length requirements range is 3.5” to 11” for spinning; Yarn weights based on International Yarn Standard chart; Additional $3 per pound for Suri Alpaca fiber; Please provide sample (2-3 feet) of desired yarn weight if available; Deposit of $15 per pound required prior … Total cost = $404.89 (+ tax) It is at this stage that interesting blends can be created using different strands to create one. To be fair to all customers, please do not request a reservation unless you intend to use it. Dog yarn /pound $65. • Included in our “Up Front Pricing”, prep fees at the Mill provide 20 minutes of basic skirting of your fiber. The next four steps are utilized to produce yarn and are done, and priced, as a connected unit. Felt Sheets: The FeltLOOM creates felted products using batts, and sometimes roving, from the carding process. Spinning: The spinner takes roving that has been through the drawframe and spins it into single strands. The cleaner the fiber, the better the product. Because there are so many options and paths for fiber to take within the mill, we have broken each process out. Alpaca/Exotic. pricing_page_3.15.20.pdf: File Size: ... *Please note - We process any amount of fiber. The bumps are 125 yds, have a cotton core and generally make a 2’ x 3 rug. Please add 3 weeks for delivery. For some exotic fibers, our standard process may not yield the results desired. Our goal is to provide you with the best product for your fiber. VFM&S has a double separator so one pass is usually sufficient for many fiber types. At management's discretion, a fee may be charged for discarding large amounts of unusable fiber Because there are so many options and paths for fiber to take within the mill, we have broken each process out. If your work order form does not specify yardage, we will do 200 yd. We take your fiber seriously! After that, we charge $22 per hour for additional skirting. Handpainting: Skeins of yarn can be dyed with multiple bands of color, creating a unique look. Sweitzers Fiber Mill offers custom fiber processing services, see a full price list, schedual mill tour, see what events and festivals we will be attending. per pass. washed weight. Angora/Cashmere/Pygora yarn /pound $65 Angora/Cashmere/Pygora roving /pound $50. Starting in September 2020, farmers will be able to bring their wool and fiber to our mill in Stromsburg, Nebraska, to process into saleable roving and yarn. This step is not necessary for coarse fiber that will be used for rugs and some felted products, as there is too much loss. However, if you are requesting batts or rug yarn in a single batch > 25 lb (or a series of batches that total > 25 lb and will permit sequential carding)  you can reduce your production time, and because of this savings, VFM&S gives you a discount on carding. Finishing: Once received, we recommend that you wash and air dry your skeins to remove conditioners and oils that accumulate during processing. Each feed of fiber is weighed and placed on the infeed belt. Price *Based on incoming weight. “set the twist”. Each process is described, along with the associated price, so you can make the best decision for your fiber. (Sock & Lace weight) $36/lb. Washing, Pick- Suri, Locked, and Extra Dirty $10/lb Dehairing Service Level 1 - Included in incoming price (Carder) Level 2 - $10/lb 1 pass on dehairer one roll (or second carder pass) Level 3 - $15/lb 1 pass on dehairer two rolls Shop from the Wholesale section! VFM&S does not operate as a scouring facility, i.e. *Prices are per lb. Brandon, VT 05733 Dog roving /pound $50. Includes: tumbling, washing, picking, conditioning, carding, pin drafting, spinning, plying, and skein winding. Alpaca/mohair yarn /pound $40. 802.236.9158 Fiber will be shipped UPS ground paid by the customer. Carded batts are needle felted using the FeltLOOM. Our machines are large and we … Blending: All of the above processes are priced based on a single fiber type and single color. “All of the excess material and supply… It aligns the individual fiber strands to produce roving and batts that may be used as final products or go on to subsequent steps. $28.00. Additional Services. Washing/Scouring: All incoming fiber is washed. See how your price should evolve based on published Fastmarkets RISI price indices or mill cost data. However, we can recommend stand alone scouring facilities for you. Fiber Cloud Processing - 17.07 lbs x $12.00 = $204.84. After 60 days past due, items will become the property of Red Hill Fiber Mill. The thickness of the strand produced depends on the desired yarn weight, i.e. This weight should be very close to the weight specified by the customer when the fiber … Batch Carding Discount (batts and rug yarn > 25 lb): 10%. If your fiber length exceeds 6″ and will be made into yarn, it must first be cut to a shorter length. Less than 3 pounds will be charged for 3 pounds on both raw and finished weights. Noa's Ark Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill.

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