define leading in typography

In typography, leading ( /ˈlɛdɪŋ/) refers to the distance between the baselines of successive lines of type. What does leading mean? You’ll find the definition of typography, a rundown of the key elements of typography, and tips on how to choose the right typeface for your website design: ... and the spacing between letters and lines (or ‘kerning’ and ‘leading’ in professional terms). Leading is the space between lines of letterpress type. In fact it’s pronounced ledding – as in lead, the metal. You’ve probably used this setting in word processing programs, where it’s a common feature. The term is often used for digital typesetting as well, but stands for the distance between consecutive baselines in this context. The design is not really complete until kerning and leading have been considered, … By this definition, isn't it the same thing as line height? It is the finishing touch on the type that makes everything read and flow properly. Consistency makes the work look professional and keeps your readers focused on the content and not the formatting. Leading isn’t what you probably think it is. Elements of Good Typography. Kerning vs tracking. Also, ensure enough contrast between the text and the background color. Kerning and Leading are important in typography and should not be ignored. Leading definition is - coming or ranking first : foremost. In typography, leading (/ ˈ l ɛ d ɪ ŋ / LED-ing) is the space between adjacent lines of type; the exact definition varies.. Leading. Although it’s not likely you’ll need to kern multiple lines of text, it’s still good to be aware of the types of spacing you can use to improve your designs. Consistency – in any typographical work the consistent use of typefaces, kerning, leading, bullets and formatting is critical. Leading and Line Spacing. In other words, leading is line spacing. Like kerning, leading can impact the readability and legibility of type. In this case, lead is referring to the strips of lead once used to create space between lines of text in the days of mechanical typesetting. Typography is the way that letters and words are arranged in print and design. Leading consists of the vertical spacing between lines of contiguous text. This term came from the days of typesetting when individual pieces of lead were inserted between text blocks to increase the vertical distance between lines. • Leading: This is the vertical space between lines of text. The principle of perfecting typeface in a website design begins with adjusting three elements, respectively as leading, kerning and tracking. It is called leading because the material to fill this space was originally made from lead. But in the following examples in the same wikipedia page, it seems leading is extra space between lines, not line height. Leading is defined as a lead covering or border, or the spacing between lines of print. In a typographical design, it is more about controlling the space between letters to make the text more appealing, optimized for readability and proportionately sized. In hand typesetting, leading is the thin strips of lead that were inserted between lines of type in the composing stick to increase the vertical distance between them. How to use leading in a sentence.

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